Just realized it's almost Saturday, which means I am 1 week out. SCARY!

WOW...just realized that today is Thursday...it's getting close. I knew these last few weeks would go by fast. I can't believe I am almost at my first show of the season. I know once I get one in I will be back in the swing of it...for now, I am still nervous! I know I still have a long way to go.

Just waiting to get my suit back all designed up...Meeting with my trainer on Sunday to go over posing and so he can evaluate me. Maybe I'll have my suit back by then and can bring it with me to show him. I'm hoping I get the suit tomorrow...but I don't know if it will come that fast.

My personal training business is growing and getting very busy. So, that's great...but it's all happening at a very crazy and busy time in my life (competition season!)

Off to do some more cardio and weights...I was driving the other day and heard an old song twice (so I took it as a sign) and I think that will be my musical inspiration for today...and the rest of the week...and the rest of the season.

"Hey now you're an All Star,

get your game on - go play

Hey now you're a Rock Star,

get the show on - get paid

And all that glitters is gold

Only shooting stars break the mold" (my favorite line!)

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