Quick Update

So today I am back on hard training and the diet...the puppy is sick and is ALOT of work. We have to force feed him and give him medicine...it's so hard...I hope he ends up being ok! I love the little guy...

So, far I did 40 mins of cardio this AM...still owe 1 hour 20 mins of cardio for the day...did my Back workout...it was done pretty quickly. I love lifting back...I can go heavy and it usually is a short workout...I don't know if I'm just conditioned to to do quickly, or it's just an easy body part for me to do. It's 11:17am and my Bodybugg reads 1335 calories burned so far today (since 12:01am.) I am hoping to reach 3000-3200 calories burned everyday. I'll update you with that too.

Ok...off to see the puppy, and train a string clients. Then of course more cardio for me later.

Until next time....


Genie said...

What a cute puppy! and holy cardio! I am impressed that your workout seemed quick! LOL!

The puppy is a cutie! I hope it has a speedy recovery. :)

Oooh, and how do you like your Bodybugg?

Krissa said...

I love the puppy! Such a cutie :) Hope he gets better soon.

So you still need to do 2 hours of cardio each day even though you just finished a show? My hats are off to the girls who can do 2 hours each day. What is your cardio usually like? I could never get in 2 hours of tough cardio. Slow incline walk maybe but boy would I get bored. That why you are the one on the stage :)

I just watched your video again. I love your routine.

Fitness Jenn said...

Puppy is doing much better thanks! Yes, 2 hours of cardio still...mostly becuase I am back on training and I still have a WAYS to go..and If I want to improve my body from last time it's just part of the job! (Thank God working out IS my job...other wise I don't know how I would fit this all in!)

Body Bugg is great. I don't REALLY use the on line program with it mostly becuase I know what I am eating (since I am told by my trainer) but I like to see in real time how many calories I am burning each day. SO far this week I've been at 2974, 3278, and I don't know what yesterday was. Like I said, I want to be at 300-3200 per day.

Fitness Jenn said...

OOps that's supposed to be 3000 (not 300 LOL)