Pictures! Videos! Results!

Drum Roll Please.................................2nd place. I know, I know...not bad...but who wants to come in 2nd!?!?! I had a great time and I ROCKED my routine and I looked the best I have ever looked BUT....I know I have to work harder so that next time I can WIN!

I enjoyed myself on Easter and ate ALOT...but I am ready to relax for a few days...eat good...clean, but not as strict as the past 4 weeks had been...and start up for the June 6th competition. I'm going to call my trainer mid-week to see what the next step is.


Angela said...

Wow! I was waiting to see ya! You looked great! And 2nd is nothing to be upset about (even though i think you looked better than the 1st place gal...but i didn't see her routine)...your routine was awesome! I am in such awe of the fitness routines! I saw them in person for the first time at the arnold....my eyes were all big! LOL! Very impressed!!! Congratulations!!!! You looked beautiful! And I love your shoulders! Very jealous! LOL!!!

Ali said...

You look FANTASTIC, congratulations!! Be proud, you really rocked it. Love the suit BTW, great choice.


Fitness Jenn said...

Thanks, Ladies!!! I'm pretty proud of myself! I just hope I can take 1st next time! Thanks for the support!!!


Genie said...

WOW Jen! You look amazing! Your shoulders are unreal! I loved your routine, too! I could definitely see the cheerleader coming through! :o) WAY TO GO GIRL!!! I've been axiously awaiting your update. :D

Anonymous said...

I just found your blog! Your routine was incredible and so is your physique! From what I seen, I can't believe you took 2nd and not first. But still, congratulations! I'll have to follow along to see how your comp in June goes, keep up the good work!

Krissa said...

OH MY GOSH! YOU ROCK! You looked AMAZING! I love your suit. And your routine was impressive. I wish I could do 1/3 of that stuff!!!!