This is what I've been waiting for...

3 days from now I will be well on my way to the Steve Stone Metropolitan Championships in NYC for my first fitness show of the year. I feel like there is still so much to do between now and then! There are definitely a few odds and ends I have to take care of, like pick up eye lashes, find out what food I need to pack for that day...TAN...etc.

Since starting this journey back in December it seemed like it was NEVER going to happen...the changes in my body...BUT...I guess what they say is true...patience is a virtue. Yesterday I FINALLY saw it in myself. Do you know how hard it is to see the changes in yourself when you see your naked behind in the mirror EVERYDAY??? I tell my clients the same thing...you are the LAST person to see changes in yourself...and one day...BAM...there they are...it's not that they weren't there before...it's just that you finally noticed them!

This happened when I was running my routine last night. I almost couldn't believe that was my body in the mirror!!! Who knew I would have visible veins running up my arms...or a visible six pack....not me!

Finally seeing these changes in myself have made this all worth it for me...the hard work HAS paid off...and I'm still so early in this process. I know I have more to go this season...and it's exciting that I know I can look even better in the weeks to come.

I certainly couldn't have done this without the guidance of my coaches. Having a knowledgeable support system is KEY. You can try to do this by yourself...but you're only going to get so far...and you might miss some of the key details you need to actually pay very close attention to.

Today? Hitting the weights for the last time this week...banging out some cardio...sending pictures to my trainer...AND PRAYING THAT MY SUIT COMES TODAY! LOL (I'm so, getting anxiety over this!!!)

To everyone out there following this blog...thank you...and keep pushing towards YOUR goals...no matter WHAT they might be! It WILL be worth it in the end...and you will be very happy with yourself once you get there.

Until next time...


Genie said...

OH MY GOODNESS! You still don't have your suit?! I would be freaking out! Do you have a backup? I would offer you my red suit, but another friend is borrowing it... I could have her overnight it to you if you need it!

That is so GREAT that you are seeing these changes! Wonderful!! *happy dance*

Fitness Jenn said...

I called her today and she told me she sent it on Monday and I should get it today or tomorrow...THANK GOD!!!

Thanks for the offer...that's so nice of you! At least I know for next time if I'm in a bind!!!

Krissa said...

That was a really good post. I think people (me) forget that this really takes time. A fit body is not made over night.

So do we get to see pictures?

Fitness Jenn said...

Hi Krissa!

THANK YOU! Yes...I plan to post pictures! But, I'm going to wait until I do at least one coat of tan...LOL! This Irish girl may blind you with the whitest skin you've ever seen...LOL

Anonymous said...

Hi Jenn, I found your blog through my friend Doneker, who used to train me. Congratulations on your great results, and I wish you the best in your competition! Inspiring blog! -Jennifer K.