I think it's time for an update...

So I am back from NYC...and it was fun. The gym in the hotel was open 24 hours so I was able to still get my work outs in. Funny story about the gym:

I was on the rowing machine which was next to/behind one of the weight stacks of the cable cross over machine. This guy went to use the weight stack on the other side (not next to me) to do tricep rope push downs (or maybe over head tris with the rope...I didn't really see) Anyhow...as he pulls the weight stack down the cable BREAKS!!! and the weight stack slams down and there the guy is left standing holding the rope and staring in disbelief at what just happened. OH MY GOD...I was so happy it wasn't the weight stack next to me because that cable went FLYING and I can just see it whipping me in the face or something!!! LOL...no one got hurt thank God!!! It was still funny to see the guy standing there with the rope in his hand...LOL

So...today I cranked out alot...45 mins on the bike followed by 15 mins on the Treadmill this morning. Looked like this:

Cardio Workouts:
Cardio #1: Bike 45 Minutes

Time Level
0-10 5
10-13 8
13-17 10
17-22 8
22-25 10
25-29 5
29-34 8
34-37 10
37-45 3

Treadmill 15 minutes

Time Speed Incline

0-3 mins 3.8 0
3min-6min 4.5 5
6min-9min 5.0 0
9min-12min 4.5 5
12min-15min 3.8 0

I was a bit disappointed this one didn't burn as many calories as other cardio workouts. But, what I did learn today was that when you are crunched for time and you need to get in the cardio and calorie burn to walk fast or better yet RUN UP HILL. Way more calorie burn than the bike BY FAR.

Later in the afternoon I did another 30 minute Treadmill workout (combo of fast walks, jogs, and sprints) followed by a KICK ASS leg workout...then another 30 minutes on the Treadmill (Mostly sprint/jogs)

I teach class tonight for 2 1/2 hours (CORE Abs & Back...Kickboxing...and Boot Camp) So I'll get in a little more calorie burn later. Off to a quick shower then back to the studio to teach.

Until next time...


My Latest Creation...

So, I am back to eating Tilapia...not a fan really...I've been covering it in Mustard to get to down, so I wanted to try a new recipe. I took the almonds I'm allowed to eat with the fish meal and chopped them up and added Mrs. Dash No Salt added Garlic Herb seasoning to the mix. Then after covering the fish in egg whites I "breaded" the fish with the mixture I created...Then baked it with some broccoli. Looks good, but I haven't tired it yet. I know I usually list nutritional info, but I don't have time to do that today since we are leaving for NYC in about an hour and still have to pack everything up (even the puppy! He's going to stay with his "Aunt.")

I'll try to update while in NYC. Hope all you NY & NJ people are all enjoying this great weather we are having!

Until Next Time!

Cardio Killer - Run - Bike - Run

Ok, so this one took me longer than an hour...let's see how fast you can do it!!! Try it out and let me know! This one (according to the BodyBugg) burned over 500 calories...

Upright Bike - Level 10 - Ride for 5 miles
Jump off and hit the Treadmill - Incline - 0, Speed 8.0 - 2 minutes (I put on my routine music!)

Upright Bike - Level 5 - Ride for 5 miles
Jump off and hit the Treadmill - Incline - 0, Speed 9.0 - 2 minutes

Upright Bike - Level 1 -Ride for 5 miles
Jump off and hit the Treadmill - Incline - 0, Speed 10.0 - 2 minutes

How do you like them apples???

Good Luck!


Cardio Challenge - Let me know if you try this!

Just did this today as part one of my cardio and work out. It's sooooo nice out I think I'll do my other cardio session outside! Let me know if you try it...and what you think!

I burned just about 600 calories with this one...it's not easy! Give it a try!

Jog/Walk Treadmill Hill Ladder
Warm up walk on flat for 5 mins then:
Incline 1 1 Min 4.0, 1 Min 5.0
Incline 2 1 Min 4.0, 1 Min 5.0
Incline 3 1 Min 4.0, 1 Min 5.0
Incline 4 1 Min 4.0, 1 Min 5.0
Incline 5 1 Min 4.0, 1 Min 5.0
Incline 6 1 Min 4.0, 1 Min 5.0
Incline 7 1 Min 4.0, 1 Min 5.0
Incline 8 1 Min 4.0, 1 Min 5.0
Incline 9 1 Min 4.0, 1 Min 5.0
Incline 10 1 Min 4.0, 1 Min 5.0
Incline 11 1 Min 4.0, 1 Min 5.0
Incline1 2 1 Min 4.0, 1 Min 5.0
Incline 13 1 Min 4.0, 1 Min 5.0
Incline 14 1 Min 4.0, 1 Min 5.0
Incline 15 1 Min 4.0, 1 Min 5.0
Incline 14 1 Min 4.0, 1 Min 5.0
Incline 13 1 Min 4.0, 1 Min 5.0
Incline 12 1 Min 4.0, 1 Min 5.0
Incline 11 1 Min 4.0, 1 Min 5.0
Incline 10 1 Min 4.0, 1 Min 5.0
Incline 9 1 Min 4.0, 1 Min 5.0
Incline 8 1 Min 4.0, 1 Min 5.0
Incline 7 1 Min 4.0, 1 Min 5.0
Incline 6 1 Min 4.0, 1 Min 5.0
Incline 5 1 Min 4.0, 1 Min 5.0
Incline 4 1 Min 4.0, 1 Min 5.0
Incline 3 1 Min 4.0, 1 Min 5.0
Incline 2 1 Min 4.0, 1 Min 5.0
Incline 1 1 Min 4.0, 1 Min 5.0
Incline 0 1 Min 4.01 Min 5.0


6 weeks to go...June 6th here I come

Hey guys...updates haven't come as often as I'd like...but I haven't had 2 seconds to sit down at the computer! I guess with being back on training and my new puppy (who is getting MUCH better by the way, thank you to everyone who was concerned) is SUPER time consuming!!!

Ahhh...but I am back with an update. I can't let you down!! I received my new workouts and diet this week and so far I am loving it. Last training cycle when I had my melt down, my diet became super mega strict with nothing but chicken and asparagus...so I am HAPPY to be back eating oatmeal, brown rice, and nuts!!! The work outs so far are the best I think I've gotten. I don't know if it's because I am so conditioned now that they seem easier...and I don't mean easier like I don't sweat...i mean I get through them faster...I am able to move on without as long of breaks. It feels good. My 2 new favorite exercise (so far...I still have a few other workouts to get in this week) are 1) heavy cable row in a deep squat position and 2) Burpee/Pop Squat combo.. LOVE BOTH of them! Walking lunges and bench step ups were on the top of my list for favorite exercises, but I think they just moved down the list with these two new exercises!

I didn't post progress pics last time around...but I think I might this time...to keep me accountable and also to help everyone else stay motivated too! I really appreciate all of the comments and support for you ladies...it really keeps me going!

I will be in NYC from Sunday-Wed on a mini vaca that my boyfriend won from work. I know I have to keep on the workouts and diet...so it might be hard to REALLY enjoy myself...but I'm going to look into the gym there. We are staying at the Marriott Marquis in Times Square...I'll be in NYC...there will prob be a gym on every corner! Maybe I can fine a 24 Hour Fitness...and go work out when my boyfriend is sleeping! LOL Anyone know of good gyms in NYC? Maybe you can join me as a training partner if you are near by!

Ok, well I have to go and update my web page, email clients, etc, etc. Have a great day, everyone...more updates soon.

Until Next Time...


Quick Update

So today I am back on hard training and the diet...the puppy is sick and is ALOT of work. We have to force feed him and give him medicine...it's so hard...I hope he ends up being ok! I love the little guy...

So, far I did 40 mins of cardio this AM...still owe 1 hour 20 mins of cardio for the day...did my Back workout...it was done pretty quickly. I love lifting back...I can go heavy and it usually is a short workout...I don't know if I'm just conditioned to to do quickly, or it's just an easy body part for me to do. It's 11:17am and my Bodybugg reads 1335 calories burned so far today (since 12:01am.) I am hoping to reach 3000-3200 calories burned everyday. I'll update you with that too.

Ok...off to see the puppy, and train a string clients. Then of course more cardio for me later.

Until next time....


One last weekend of R&R...Back to hard work on Monday!

This Saturday will mark 7 weeks until Atlantic States...June 6th...my next fitness show. This one will also be at Tribeca Performing Arts Center in NYC. This will be the 3rd time competing fitness there and I really hope I can pull this one out. I've gotten 2nd twice...after thinking I had it in the bag...so this time...I BETTER WIN!!! I am going to work my butt off to get it. I'm tired of 2nd place!
Dieting and training start on Monday...so I am going to enjoy my meals for the next few days. Today I am ordering sushi for lunch. YUMMY. I also will be snacking on Cottage Cheese and fruit, Sweet Potatoes, granola (man I love granola), bananas, strawberries and whipped cream, maybe some pizza or Mexican.
It's going to be near 70 degrees today so I think I will do cardio outside today. Great weather puts me in an instant good mood. I love the sun!
Well, it's just about time to order my sushi...take care of some client paperwork and emails before I have a few clients to train so I better end here.
Looking forward to picking up my new PUPPY from "grandma's" house later. I miss the little guy!
Until next time...


Pictures! Videos! Results!

Drum Roll Please.................................2nd place. I know, I know...not bad...but who wants to come in 2nd!?!?! I had a great time and I ROCKED my routine and I looked the best I have ever looked BUT....I know I have to work harder so that next time I can WIN!

I enjoyed myself on Easter and ate ALOT...but I am ready to relax for a few days...eat good...clean, but not as strict as the past 4 weeks had been...and start up for the June 6th competition. I'm going to call my trainer mid-week to see what the next step is.


Pro Tan Time - One of many layers! LOL

Back home for now....having my sister tan me up for a second layer...then take pictures to send to my trainer for an assessment on what to eat (or not eat) next.

Feeling crappy...a little bit like "La-La Land" but I'm sure I'll be fine tomorrow.

I received the chocolates I ordered...and HOLY CRAP are there ALOT. I didn't think I was going to share with anyone...but there is NO WAY I'll be able to eat it all myself if Sunday is the only day I can pig out before getting back on track. So, good news to my family...I will be sharing!

Ok...getting tan and then out to do a few more things...be back later!

PREP DAY! Hitting the stage in about 24 hours!

Today I am not working. I didn't schedule any clients or hold any classes because I need the whole day to MYSELF! One day off prior to contest is ok...but I've now learned that maybe 2 full days will be better. I'm thinking...next show I'll work half a day on Wednesday and take off Thurs & Fri.

Anyhow...here it is Friday morning 9am. Slept in again to 6:45am (which is late for me) and it felt good. My first order of business this morning at 10:15 is an appointment at The Body Wrap Shoppe. I usually visit them a few times prior to contest to get body wraps. I feel that it helps me look and feel better. If you are in the Tri-State area (NY-NJ-PA) I would highly recommend them. They also do airbrush tanning. This is where I go for my first coat of tan. The color looks really good too. For example...after my last show my first year competing I was in the Bahamas the day after my contest. One of the locals said,"Girl...you have a NICE tan! Where you from?" HAHA If he only knew what my Irish behind REALLY looks like and that it was 100% fake tan! HAHA...goes to show you how real it looks!

My sister gets off of work at 1pm and will be my right hand girl the next 2 days. It's great when one of us is competing and the other one is not (we compete together sometimes...) because this way at least ONE of us had our head straight!!! She's awesome at taking charge of the situation and managing me during this crazy time. I think I'm actually going to hire her as my assistant for my Personal Training company!!! (If she's lucky...maybe I'll even PAY her! LOL)

Today I think I may be posting a few times to update you through out my day. Excited to post pictures and hopefully my routine video this weekend so you all can see!

Thanks for following my journey...be back later to update!!


Ehhh...Counting Down the Hours Until I can EAT

My current Facebook Status reads:

"Facebook is asking me what's on my mind. Let's see: Rice Krispy treats, sushi, pizza, everything bagels toasted with butter, turkey club sandwich, Starbucks, the home made chocolates I bought and are waiting to receive, oatmeal, sweet potato fries, yogurt, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, ice cream sandwiches, pancakes, cupcakes, brownies, grilled cheese, spinach dip...I'm sure there's more...."

Speaking of Facebook...you should find me and friend me!

Ran my routine today full out 3 times. The first 2 times I was by myself and it was really really hard...but I made it through...the 3rd time I ran it...I had a small audience (some of my clients) and it magically was easier...even though it was the 3rd time around. I think I just need an audience...lol. I hope that's what it was because that means on Sat I'll have an audience AND adrenaline! I hope that combo makes for a killer performance!

Ahhhh...off to bed to sleep...FINALLY...prep day tomorrow...body wrap, tan, nails, shopping for last minute items. But hopefully mostly relaxing and doing nothing. I'm looking forward to just resting.

Until next time!


This is what I've been waiting for...

3 days from now I will be well on my way to the Steve Stone Metropolitan Championships in NYC for my first fitness show of the year. I feel like there is still so much to do between now and then! There are definitely a few odds and ends I have to take care of, like pick up eye lashes, find out what food I need to pack for that day...TAN...etc.

Since starting this journey back in December it seemed like it was NEVER going to happen...the changes in my body...BUT...I guess what they say is true...patience is a virtue. Yesterday I FINALLY saw it in myself. Do you know how hard it is to see the changes in yourself when you see your naked behind in the mirror EVERYDAY??? I tell my clients the same thing...you are the LAST person to see changes in yourself...and one day...BAM...there they are...it's not that they weren't there before...it's just that you finally noticed them!

This happened when I was running my routine last night. I almost couldn't believe that was my body in the mirror!!! Who knew I would have visible veins running up my arms...or a visible six pack....not me!

Finally seeing these changes in myself have made this all worth it for me...the hard work HAS paid off...and I'm still so early in this process. I know I have more to go this season...and it's exciting that I know I can look even better in the weeks to come.

I certainly couldn't have done this without the guidance of my coaches. Having a knowledgeable support system is KEY. You can try to do this by yourself...but you're only going to get so far...and you might miss some of the key details you need to actually pay very close attention to.

Today? Hitting the weights for the last time this week...banging out some cardio...sending pictures to my trainer...AND PRAYING THAT MY SUIT COMES TODAY! LOL (I'm so, getting anxiety over this!!!)

To everyone out there following this blog...thank you...and keep pushing towards YOUR goals...no matter WHAT they might be! It WILL be worth it in the end...and you will be very happy with yourself once you get there.

Until next time...



Watch out...this girl is DANGEROUS...and she's still on the prowl. She has been seen carrying a gallon of water around. A brief description of her latest crime:
From 0-1.5 miles there was a steady beating at 7.0.
Then she kicked it up a notch...from 1.5-1.75 miles and the beatings got worse at a 8.0.
Finally, from 1.75 - 2.0 miles something really must have ticked her off because the treadmill was found with bruises from a 9.0 beating.
It's been rumored that the next beating will take place this afternoon...ATTENTION GYM OWNERS...this girl is no joke!!! Please have a Treadmill Doctor on hand...your poor little guys may need it.

Meeting with my trainer was a success!

Chicken, chicken, and more chicken...Water, water, and more water. Egg whites...I just LOVE them. Can you tell I am in the last week of this 16 week journey!?!? I can't.

Met with my trainer this weekend to go over posing and take pictures. He was pleasantly surprised by my transformation to this point, even WITH my tragic freak out 4 weeks ago. Even though he's not THAT far away (only in NYC) I only get to see him maybe once per month...so in a way it's good that he doesn't see me everyday so he can rally see my changes...but I do send pics to him once per week. The pics don't match what I actually look like. I think that's why he was so surprised when he saw me. He said my pictures make me look like a giant (I'm only 5'2" lol) and have shoulders like a "linebacker" (his words...lol). Then when he saw me, he was like "Whoa...you don't look like your pictures." I guess it's true what they say about the camera adding 10lbs!!!

This week is all about staying on task...getting the cardio and workouts in...and especially the routine practice. I am very excited to perform this routine. I think the audience will be very entertained. I just hope I have at least ONE person to compete against!
Well, I woke up today at 5:15 and it's already 6:15...how did an hour go by already? Man...time FLIES! Off to hit up some cardio before teaching Boot Camp and training some clients.
More updates to come this week...hopefully daily...we'll see how my schedule pans out!
My Musical Inspiration today isn't musical...lol but it IS on my iPod...so I guess it counts. If you haven't seen MadeFit TV then you need to. Jennifer DiDonato is a fantastic host, a great trainer, and even has a little Martha Steward in her!!! Check out her online health and fitness show for training tips, recipes (OMG, MAKE the Protein Peanut Butter Balls...I'm serious...and let me know what you think.) You can subscribe to it via itunes, watch LIVE or see past shows on her website, and of course You Tube. She's a tiny POWER HOUSE and has become a great supporter and online friend. Do yourself a favor and check her out!
Until Next Time....


Just realized it's almost Saturday, which means I am 1 week out. SCARY!

WOW...just realized that today is Thursday...it's getting close. I knew these last few weeks would go by fast. I can't believe I am almost at my first show of the season. I know once I get one in I will be back in the swing of it...for now, I am still nervous! I know I still have a long way to go.

Just waiting to get my suit back all designed up...Meeting with my trainer on Sunday to go over posing and so he can evaluate me. Maybe I'll have my suit back by then and can bring it with me to show him. I'm hoping I get the suit tomorrow...but I don't know if it will come that fast.

My personal training business is growing and getting very busy. So, that's great...but it's all happening at a very crazy and busy time in my life (competition season!)

Off to do some more cardio and weights...I was driving the other day and heard an old song twice (so I took it as a sign) and I think that will be my musical inspiration for today...and the rest of the week...and the rest of the season.

"Hey now you're an All Star,

get your game on - go play

Hey now you're a Rock Star,

get the show on - get paid

And all that glitters is gold

Only shooting stars break the mold" (my favorite line!)