Meeting with my trainer was a success!

Chicken, chicken, and more chicken...Water, water, and more water. Egg whites...I just LOVE them. Can you tell I am in the last week of this 16 week journey!?!? I can't.

Met with my trainer this weekend to go over posing and take pictures. He was pleasantly surprised by my transformation to this point, even WITH my tragic freak out 4 weeks ago. Even though he's not THAT far away (only in NYC) I only get to see him maybe once per month...so in a way it's good that he doesn't see me everyday so he can rally see my changes...but I do send pics to him once per week. The pics don't match what I actually look like. I think that's why he was so surprised when he saw me. He said my pictures make me look like a giant (I'm only 5'2" lol) and have shoulders like a "linebacker" (his words...lol). Then when he saw me, he was like "Whoa...you don't look like your pictures." I guess it's true what they say about the camera adding 10lbs!!!

This week is all about staying on task...getting the cardio and workouts in...and especially the routine practice. I am very excited to perform this routine. I think the audience will be very entertained. I just hope I have at least ONE person to compete against!
Well, I woke up today at 5:15 and it's already 6:15...how did an hour go by already? Man...time FLIES! Off to hit up some cardio before teaching Boot Camp and training some clients.
More updates to come this week...hopefully daily...we'll see how my schedule pans out!
My Musical Inspiration today isn't musical...lol but it IS on my iPod...so I guess it counts. If you haven't seen MadeFit TV then you need to. Jennifer DiDonato is a fantastic host, a great trainer, and even has a little Martha Steward in her!!! Check out her online health and fitness show for training tips, recipes (OMG, MAKE the Protein Peanut Butter Balls...I'm serious...and let me know what you think.) You can subscribe to it via itunes, watch LIVE or see past shows on her website, and of course You Tube. She's a tiny POWER HOUSE and has become a great supporter and online friend. Do yourself a favor and check her out!
Until Next Time....


Ali said...

Hey Jenn,
I just connected with your blog and I wanted to wish you a great last week of prep and tell you to kick some butt on that stage on Saturday. You should be so proud for making it this far. I wanted to do the show but didn't make it, my freak out went way overboard. So you are giving me some push and inspiration, keep going, you're alomst at Show 1 and ready to kill it. I hope you get other competitors in Fitness too, but if not, who cares, we are always competing with our best self anyway on the day of.. don't let it ruffle you. Cheers! Alison

Genie said...

YAY! You are pretty much AT the finish line!!! I hope you post show pics! I want to see these linebacker shoulders! :) I have a feeling that you are going to knock some socks off! Thanks for the MadeFit rec, too! I'll definitely check it out! :)

Fitness Jenn said...

Genie - Yes...I will definitely be posting pictures!!! AHHH so exciting!!!

Ali - AWWW THANK YOU!!!! You are right...we are ALWAYS in competition with ourselves...always striving to be better!!!!

Thanks for the follow and support ladies...it means ALOT!

dfitnes24 said...

go get'em Jenn!