Definitely need a shower after this one!

Ok...so I had to go to the food store really quick after the gym (after I did the speed workout below) and can I just tell you I I sweat through my pants...I think it looked like I pee-d myself or something because this one guy was looking at me funny! LOL WHAT! HAVE YOU NEVER SEEN A SWEATY GIRL BEFORE?? GEEZE! How embarrassing!


Unfortunately had to do this on the treadmill since it was raining, but you can do this outside.

Warm up 10 minutes (Walk/Jog) then...

I did all of these at 10.0 on the treadmill. (Find a speed you are comfortable with if you can't do 10.0)

5 x 20 seconds (40 second recover walk/jog)

4 x 30 seconds (60 second recover walk/jog)

3 x 40 seconds (1 min 20 second recover walk/jog)

3 x 30 seconds (60 second recover walk/jog)

3 x 40 seconds (1 min 20 second recover walk/jog)

2 x 50 seconds (1 min 40 second recover walk/jog)

1 x 60 seconds (2 minute recover walk/jog)

Finished the last set at 11.0 on the treadmill

5 x 30 seconds (60 second recover walk/jog)

Cool down Jog/Walk until you reach 60 minutes (I think it's about 6 or 8 minutes)


If you run fast enough...your legs and butt should be killing you the next day!!!

Just had a super yummy protein shake and now I'm ready for a shower...and maybe a nap too!

Update from yesterday & Today's Plans

So, I never made it back on yesterday to update with workouts and the rest of my meals.

I am not quite back on the calorie counting wagon yet...but alot of the theories I've read on clean eating, you don't really HAVE to....plus I'm not going to make myself NUTS. I figure give myself maybe another month or two before I start worrying about counting...either that or judge by the weight on the scale and the way the clothes fit...if things don't start to feel lose or if the number on the scale doesn't go down...then maybe I'll start counting before that...anyway, back to the point of this post...

In addition to my eggs whites, turkey bacon and cottage cheese concoction in the morning, I enjoyed some home made chicken and veggie soup (made by ME!) as well as cucumber salad (just cucumber and some Italian dressing), some walnuts, a DELISH protein shake after the gym (Vanilla protein, water, ice, Greek yogurt, banana, blueberries, and Chocolate PB2) and Chicken with tomato, mango, and sesame seeds (made by ME!) for dinner. I also snacked on this spinach/egg/cheese thing I baked the other day...and then since I didn't really have any "bad" carbs all day I gave in to oatmeal with cinnamon and raisins (not pre-packaged), a few blue chips with sprinkled reduced fat cheese melted, and a Kashi granola bar towards the end of the day. I know I said I wasn't counting...and I'm not being specific...but I did figure out an estimate...and even with erring on the high side (just in case) it was definitely under 2000 calories...which is fine since my Body Bugg said I burned 2624 yesterday in total...so I don't feel like I over ate.

On to yesterday's work out:

First I did my cardio

- 6 mins of a brisk warm up walk (4.0 on the treadmill...I have short legs! So this is brisk for me!!!) Then I did.

-60 seconds of running at 6.0

-90 seconds of walking at 3.8

I repeated the above for 20 minutes for a total of 26 minutes of cardio before my full body circuit. You really DO sweat alot during interval cardio work. Even with the walk I was sweating quite a bit...and the Body Bugg got me up to 8.2 calories per minute burned...which sometimes when I would do steady running I would only get to 10 cals/min so this isn't bad!

After the run/walk cardio I did the following circuit (and I am already feeling it today! Feels good!)

- Step Lunges - 15x each leg with 15lb DBs

- Boxer - 15x each arm with 5lb DBs (click on the word to see what that is...hard to describe in words)

- Isometric Lat Shoulder Hold - :30 seconds each side using the Black resistance band

- Seated Concentration Curls - 15x each arm with 15lb DB

- Standing Overhead Tri Ext - 15x with 30lb DB

- Bench Press - 15x with 65lbs

- Bridges - 15x no weight

- Basic Crunch - 15x no weight

- Crunch with a twist - 15x each side no weight

- Prone Back Ext (aka "hyper extensions") - 15x no weight

I moved from one exercise to the next without rest...I completed the circuit 3x around. I only rested about :30-:60 after each full circuit. After the cardio the calories burned per minute came down a bit, but was still well over 5 calories per minute during the circuit work.

Today it's rainy...I think the actual rain may have stopped...hopefully for good today! I was planning on doing a speed running workout...and I'd rather NOT do it on a treadmill. I also am planning on doing a jump rope workout as well as lots of stretching, mobility movements, and foam rolling. Will let you know how that all turns out later today or tomorrow...

Not gonna lie....I had clients early this morning and stopped for an energy drink (sugar free) and also grabbed a butter roll at 7-11...I KNOW!!! NOTHING NUTRITIOUS involved...that's one thing I HATE about NJ - BUTTERED ROLLS...they're so bad for you, but so good too! After that confession, I should go and take the puppy for his walk so I can burn off that mistake from this morning...

Be back to update soon!!!


On the road again...

A little bump in the road when TOM came to town...but he's gone now and I'm back on the straight and narrow.

Realizing that no working out + eating refined, processed, and packaged foods = Sleepy all the time and no motivation. That is NOT ME...so VACATION'S OVER.

Did a little researching and found a few running work outs that I am excited to try. One site offered more distance training and the other site offered more track/sprint type work outs. I am excited to try both...will post those workouts and how I did after I try them.

Bought a few jump ropes to use with my class clients...so I am looking forward to incorporating that into my workouts too.

Today I ate 4 egg whites + 1 egg yolk and 3 strips of turkey bacon for breakfast and had low-fat cottage cheese + all natural Peanut Butter + 100% Natural Strawberry fruit spread for my late morning snack. Took a 20 minute walk by myself this morning before breakfast and then another 30 minute walk with the puppy after breakfast. Gonna head out in a few for a 20 minute jog and hit up a full body circuit later.

I'll post again this afternoon/this evening to update with my meals and workouts for the rest of the day.

Enjoy this nice, sunny (for now) day!

Until next time....


TOM...I hate him...

Yes...TOM came and I gave in to Chocolate...why can't we crave something like carrots when TOM comes??? Wouldn't that be much easier? Grrrr.


Alright, Alright, I had a Rockstar! But it was Sugar Free!!!

I can not tell a lie!!! Rockstar was not on the plan...BUT....I chose the Sugar Free version...20 calories in the whole can (or at least that's what it says...lol) I also drank Body Well Nutrition's First Order (10 calories) but it's a pre workout drink...so that's when I drank it.

Off to a good start...the weather has been crappy and I went to bed late last night so I didn't get up and take a walk this morning like I wanted to. But, I still got in a good full body workout and plan to go for a walk/jog before I have to teach class tonight.

I've had 64 oz water so far and:

Meal 1 (around 8:30am)
1/2 cup dry oats (mixed with water, cinnamon, and 2 Truvia packets then microwaved)
4 egg whites
2 fish oils

Meal 2 (around 11:30am)
1 scoop Vanilla EAS protein (mixed with water)
1 med banana
1 TBS All natural peanut butter
1 multi vitamin

Meal 3 (around 2pm)
Egg Salad on wheat bread
1 16oz Rockstar (Sugar Free!!)
2 fish oils

Probably around 5pm I'll eat Meal 4 which is 3oz chicken with salsa and 5 oz green beans. Meal 5 will be after class tonight and is scheduled to be the same as Meal 4 and Meal 6 is Cottage Cheese Doubles (Strawberry flavor!)

My work out is the same workout I made my Boot Camp clients do on Tuesday, with one section added that they didn't do. Here's how it went:

Circuit #1
- Walking Lunges with 20lbs DB 10x each leg
- Bear Crawls 10 steps
- 30 crunches
- Crab Crawls 10 steps
- 10 push ups
Complete this circuit 3x around - no break until finished.

Circuit #2
- Renegade Row 5x using 20lb DB (1 rep = 1 push up then in the push up position pull up the right weight like a single arm DB row then pull the left weight up like a single arm DB row)
- "Swims" for 30 seconds (Laying on your stomach arms out in front of you like Superman. Lift arms and legs off the floor and "swim" kicking your legs and feet without letting them hit the floor)
- "Fire Hydrants" 10x lifting the knee to the side, 10x keeping the knee up and kicking out to the side, 10x kicking heel to the ceiling then switch sides
- Plank Holds (:30 hold - :10 rest - :20 hold - :10 rest - :10 hold)
- Push up/Plank "up, up, down, down" 10x (1 rep = start in push up position, then go into a plank position, then back up to push up position)
Complete this circuit 3x around - no break until finished.

Circuit #3
10 Jumping Jacks, 10 Mountain Climbers, 10 push ups, 10 crunches
9 Jumping Jacks, 9 Mountain Climbers, 9 push ups, 9 crunches
9 Jumping Jacks, 8 Mountain Climbers, 8 Push ups, 8 crunches
(I think you see the pattern...10.....all the way down to 1)

Circuit #4
Military Press 15x
Over Head Tricep Ext 15x
Seated Ab twists with feet up 15x
Chest Press 15x
Bicep Curl 15x
Bent Over Row 15x
Squat 15x
Using 1 20lb DB, move from exercise to exercise, completing circuit 3x around - no break until finished.

It's just about 3:30 now and I'm only at 1366 calories burned (according to my Body Bugg) so I'm not sure if I'll end at 2500 like I was hoping...I'll have to let you know tonight (after midnight when it resets) or tomorrow when I update.

Hope this weather gets better!


Back after a short break...

It's been over a week (I think) since I last wrote. Thank you to everyone who read my blog and a big hug out there to everyone who commented. I am back and ready to update what has gone on in the past week or two as well as tell my plans for the future.

Playing Catch Up

So, I went to the competition I was supposed to compete in this past Saturday. My sister competed fitness and placed 3rd out of 6 girls. I am SO PROUD of her...and proud of myself because I am the one who trained her! She came in looking the best she ever has, and she is EXCITED to compete again in a few weeks. Below is a photo of her from last year in season and then this year. What do ya think!?!

To be perfectly honest, I ate as many carbs and sugars, and fats as I wanted over the past 2 weeks with out tracking or moderation. I barely made it to the gym, had an occasional walk in the morning (30-45 mins) and slept in and took naps. I told myself this was ok because I was "dieting" for basically 6 months and hitting the gym HARD. Did my body need all that sugar and garbage? No....but it definitely needed the rest. 2 bad effects I had from doing this: 1) SEVERELY SWOLLEN legs...mostly my ankles. No pain...but I knew right away it was from going from SUPER CLEAN eating to SUPER GARBAGE eating. I didn't panic, although it was depressing to look at. Happy to say no more swelling!!! 2) Very, very, VERY tired almost everyday. Again, another effect from refined sugars and processed foods, as well as not getting my body up and moving at the gym. There were a few times I sat and tried to figure out what new program I wanted to do...and each time I tried to start...it lasted for a day and I was right back to allowing myself to rest and eat with out tracking. I think mentally I wasn't ready to start another program. I do know, however, that I NEED to be on SOME KIND of program. It makes day to day much easier knowing what you have to do, accomplish, eat, etc. Without having a plan it's just a disaster....a complete out of control mess. I am done being a mess! It's such DRAMA and I hate drama!!

My plans

1) My boyfriend bought me a Body Bugg for Christmas so I plan to put that to great use now that I am not on a competition diet and training program. I think knowing my calorie output on a daily basis will help me adjust my calorie intake. Move less, eat less...move more, eat more. I don't plan to eat in a surplus or even at maintenance, but a small deficit...nothing crazy, but enough to help me get back to what I would like to see in a bikini...not a competition bikini...just a regular old "I'm going to the beach" bikini. I'm still holding alot of water from eating like crap this past 2 weeks.

2) Continue to take weekly pictures. This is something I think I need to keep doing. After a few weeks, I'll probably share them here on my blog. I am (as we all are to ourselves) my BIGGEST critic. I will always think I look like crap, but when I can go back and see pictures side by side, it will (hopefully) snap me back into reality.

3) Track my weight and measurements. This one will be for me to spot trends. The measuring will be a bit tricky because I will need someone to help with the tape measure, but weighing everyday shouldn't be a problem. I think I'll measure every 2 weeks....maybe more if it shows on the scale.

4) Update my blog everyday (or every other day) with my successes, my struggles, my good days and bad days to tell you what workouts I did and what my meal plans looked like, etc.

WOW...so I think that's all for now. It's almost 3pm and I need to go pick up my puppy from "grandma's" and bring him home to see "daddy" lol. Besides, I have lots of planning to do, so I can start to update you all with my progress. I hope I can help out many of you who are having the same problems! Please continue to keep in touch...and feel free to reach out to me via e-mail!
Have a great day and week...it's HUMP DAY!!!


Confessions of a Secret Binge Eater...The Dark Side of Competition Dieting

Yes...I am talking about myself. I have been struggling with whether or not to write this post...and finally decided, Damn it...it NEEDS to be written!

No one really talks about the negative effects training and dieting can have on someones mind. I think many people go through it, but no one ever talks about it...why? Out of shame? Maybe...that's why I was struggling with whether I was going to come clean or not with it.

One week out from my next competition and I decide to pull out...WHAT! Yes, I know you are thinking, but you are so close, why would you do that? This brings me to the title of this post.

I actually took notice of very particular habits I was forming and thought for a second..."wait a minute...I think something is wrong here...I think I may be on my way to a serious food addiction and may be developing some body issues..." I say that because I noticed an OVERWHELMING desire to eat all the time...every thought in my head was about food...I constantly looked up food and recipes online, walked up and down the isles in the store looking (and almost drooling) at the different foods I wanted so badly but couldn't have. Now, this probably doesn't sound so bad, right? Maybe a little normal for someone on a competition diet? No, at this point food was controlling my life...and it gets worse...

I'm on a strict eating plan of fish and asparagus...for WEEKS...MONTHS...and I hate fish. Repeat, repeat, repeat....on days I have a craving and want to cheat I don't grab a banana or apple (both of which were NOT on the diet...but would have been a "better" cheat option) I would grab the WORST thing I could find...ice cream...cookies...chocolate...WHATEVER...and eat and eat and eat...until I was feeling guilty...not until I was feeling full...but actually guilty...and I would do it all in secret...yes...this is the part that was a red flag for me...BINGE EATING IN SECRET... HELLO. If that dies not scream "Eating Disorder" then I don't know what does.

I am some what of a "Type - A" personality...I like to be in control...alot...(maybe that's why I became a personal trainer!?!? LOL who knows...) so...when I realized I was totally OUT OF CONTROL in terms of my eating...I knew it was time to put the breaks on...step back...and assess the situation before it went too far.

I have NEVER been one to obsess over food...or even ever had body issues. I've always been pretty happy with my body and never have really dealt with being overweight or hating the way I looked. I had a LOOOONG talk with one of my coaches...many of you know her and/or subscribe to her blog (Lishia Dean) and she really helped me. (What an awesome person she is, I swear.) She told me the story of her competition history...from when she started up until now. I'm not going to go though the whole story, but there was a point in her career where she took some time off and she said it was the best thing she ever did because when she came back she was back 110% and ready to do it. And, many of you know...she is on a journey to get her pro card this year....(which I have no doubt she'll get!!!) So...going from a situation where her head wasn't in it 100% to coming back after a break and now being a contender for an IFBB Pro Card says ALOT about what a break can do for you.

The other thing I thought about was the fact that I am a trainer...I have clients...and I help guide them towards healthy eating...and coach them to have a healthy relationship with food...well how the HELL can I do that if I begin to have a bad relationship with food?!?! I can't...so I decided what was best for me right now was to step back and refocus. If I can mentally wrap my head around doing another contest prep diet in the future WITHOUT having food issues that are out of control...then I will definitely be competing...and for a long time...but if it continues to defeat me and put me in a bad relationship with food and those around me (because I also didn't mention how MISERABLE I was...lying to myself and everyone around me that I was happy when I wasn't...and being annoyed and irritated by stuff that should have never bothered or annoyed me...) then I would rather walk away then struggle with an eating disorder for the rest of my life.

I was very afraid to write this post and come clean. By all my previous posts it looks like I am doing so well...but if you noticed there were DAYS between posts...I only wrote on the days I was kicking ass...but on the bad days....I wasn't writing my struggles...why? I was embarrassed and ashamed....sad, but oh so true.

I will NOT let any of this defeat me. I am taking the steps to regroup and refocus on what I need to do. I will not stop blogging...it's been a great outlet for me so far, and the followers and support from you ladies has been tremendous. I hope to still inspire, even with such a set back as this. I wanted others to know it's OK to step back if you need to. NO COMPETITION AND DIET is worth giving yourself an eating disorder over.