How's this for a workout...

Sooooooo...no video blog today...but I'll post a new one again soon! Last night I gave 'em hell at boot camp...(well, I always do!) Here is how we started class...depending on your fitness level this could take you 12 mins or 20 minutes...here we go:

Here are your exercises:

1) Pop Squats - 10x

2) Push Ups - 10x

3) Mt Climbers - 10x (each leg)

4) Lunges - 10x (each leg)

5) Jumping Jacks - 10x

6) Crunches - 10x

7) Bridge Hip Lifts - 10x

8) Up/Downs - 10x (Get in a push up position then down to a plank then back up to PU position)

9) Rock & Stands - 10x (I just posted that video)

10) Burpees - 10x

Directions...Start with 1...after you do 10 pop squats you then do 1 AND 2...so 10 more pop squats then 10 push ups...then you do 1, 2 AND 3...do you see the pattern? After you finish 1 set of 10 you go back to the top and add the next exercise on...so you are ALWAYS starting from 1. (Let me know if you have questions about this one!!!)


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