Bis, Tris, Shoulders, and Cardio

Good productive Monday. Worked out with Brenda and KILLED IT. Kept my weight at 133lbs through the weekend!!! And...picked up my key and set my new schedule for the new location of where I will teach my classes!!! I'm feeling good about this week.

Workout from today. My weights are next to each exercise.

Warm up Treadmill - Incline 4.0/Speed 3.8 5 minutes

1) DB Shoulder press - 15x (30lb Dbs/30lbs/ 25lbs)
2) Alt Bi curls - 15x (20lbs for all sets)
3) Dips w/ feet on bench - 15x (25lb plate on lap)
4) Mt Climbers 30x each leg

Repeat 3 times total

Cardio - Treadmill - Incline 6.0/Speed 5.0 - 5 minutes

1) Up right row on cable column - 15x (65lbs/65lbs/70lbs)
2) Bi curls on cable column - 15x (60lbs for all sets)
3) Tri Push downs on cable - 15x (70lbs for all sets)

Repeat 3 times total

Cardio - Treadmill - Incline 6.0/Speed 5.0 - 5 mins

1) DB Lat Raise - 15x (15lb Dbs all sets)
2) Tricep push ups - 15x (flip 1 DB on it's side and put both hands on 1 DB to perform push ups)
3) Pull ups - 10x (use assist if necessary, neutral grip so palms facing each other not the usual wide over hand grip)

Repeat 3 times total

Cardio - Treadmill - 30 minutes...Incline 4.0...Speeds 3.8 and 5.5. Walk 2 minutes at 3.8 then run 1 minute at 5.5 keeping the incline at 4.0 and do this until you reach 30 minutes.

You will definitely SWEAT with this one!!!

WHERE IS EVERYONE??? It's been lonely this week without everyone updating their blogs!

Until NEXT TIME!!!


$10 sports bras at Target this week!!!

EXCEPT THEY DIDN'T GET THEIR SHIPMENT IN! WTF!!! I got a rain check for 2 though...so that when they DO come in...I can go back and get them! :-)
Today Krystle (a client) and I went to yoga this morning...what a great way to start your day! Plus it was rainy and it's Sunday....so, so perfect!
Tomorrow I meet Brenda at the gym for Bis, Tris, Shoulders and Cardio...
We are all moved out of the location I teach my classes at...moving into the new place this week!
Will check the scale tomorrow...hope I kept it off this weekend!!!
Until Next Time!!!


Yes! I'm down another pound, but can I keep it off through the weekend!?!?

Question of the day: What do you look forward to more after a 2 hour workout? A shower...or food??? Today I chose food...but normally it's a really hard decision!

So AFTER I ate I stepped on the scale before the shower and it said 133lbs! Yippie! I have a wedding next week on Friday...I would like to be UNDER 130...think I can swing that in a week? I might cheat and take water pills next week...now, hear me out...I know that will only be a temp fix...and it'll all comeback but I'm thinking I might only want to do that to avoid looking puffy and/or swollen all dressed up. Your thoughts?

No video today...but hopefully over the weekend. Today was chest and back (push/pull) and cardio. Brenda and I killed it as usual! This one really wears you out...I'm literally BEAT after. Here is what we did:

Warm Up - 5 mins Elliptical Level 10

1) Row Machine - 15x (I did 90lbs all 3 sets)

2) Chest Press Machine - 15x (I did 80lbs all 3 sets)

3) Elliptical 3 mins level 25 (highest level) Really using arms to push and pull


1) Lat Pulldown - 15x (I did 70lbs, 75lbs, 80lbs)

2) Incline DB Flys - 15x (I did 15lbs)

3) Elliptical 3 mins level 25 - PUSH/PULL


1) Push ups

2) Arch Ups

For this one do 15 push ups then 15 arch ups, then 14 and 14, all the way down to 1 and 1 (no rest)

30 minute Elliptical - Start at level 1 and increase 2 levels each minute. Once you reach the highest level hold for 2 minutes then drop down 1 level each minute until you get to 30 minutes.

I still feel this one and I've been home from the gym for over 3 hours!

I have 2 clients tonight and then out for one of my client's birthdays. Maybe I'll take and post pics!

Everyone have a good weekend!

Until Next time!


Thursday, Sept 24, 2009 Weigh In

I plan to take measurements this weekend too so I can update those numbers as well.

Weigh In Video


LEG DAY! And other stuff

Pre-workout video...

So I didn't have time to record another video so I'll just do it the old fashion way!!!

Leg Day is always tough....but it always feels the best when you are done. Brenda kicked MY butt today...and I wrote up the stupid workout! LOL

Here is the work out:

5 minute Warm up - Treadmill - Incline 0/Speed 3.0 (every :30 increase incline by 1 and speed by .2 until 5 mins)

1) Single Leg Split Squat (one foot on bench behind you) 12x each leg 15lb Dbs (Brenda used 20lbs!)

2) Treadmill - incline 8.0, speed 2.0, Walking Lunges 1 min...Keep incline at 8.0, speed 3.0 walk 1 min...Keep incline at 8.0, speed 5.0 jog 1 min


1) Leg Extension Drop Set - 6reps, 8 reps, 10 reps, 12 reps (find a weight you can do 6 reps with then drop down 5 or 10lbs and do 8, etc, etc, etc)

2) 25 Pop Squats


1) Leg Curl Drop Set - 6reps, 8 reps, 10 reps, 12 reps

2) 25 Bench Step Ups each leg



1) Hanging leg raise in Captain's Chair (legs in a pike position) 15x

2) Full Sit up 15x

3) Rock and Stands (I'll have to post a video of this one) 15x


Then we did 30 mins of easy walking cardio.

BTW...The meeting went great with the new location and we will be moving there...if not next week...the week after that. YAY! Lots of work to do to get ready for that...but happy we are going to have somewhere to go!

I'm stinky and need a shower...LOL.

Until Next Time!!!


Drum Roll Please..................

So, I decided to create a video diary...the only thing is, I thought that my video editing program would be much better than it is...so I might have to invest in a better one for the future...for now I have to put this into 3 clips because when I tried importing the video into the editor...only the sound came over and not the video part...so just bare with me! I hope to have it all in ONE video clip at some point...until then, this is how I will do it...

Clip One - Intro (Don't mind the SUPER close up, slicked back sweaty hair, and no makeup look)

Clip Two - The Scale...AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!

Clip Three - Photos of my Quarter Turns


New Idea!!!!

So, I have this new and exciting (well, exciting to me!!!) idea for my next blog post! This is just a teaser!!! I have to work on it a bit...but will post soon!!!!

In the mean time...today was bi's, tri's, shoulders, and cardio....went with Brenda...and we did awesome!!! Working in cardio in between super, triple, and/or monster sets makes a WORLD of difference...I mean you REALLY feel it. Then tacking on another 30 minutes of interval cardio after....I think it's working for us...we will see in a week or two...I think the girls are changing and feeling (and seeing) a difference in themselves...

How's everyone else getting along???

Until next time!


Team Universe...2010???

This weekend was the BIG weekend...the LAST time all NPC fitness hopefuls had a chance for IFBB status in 2009. I am so happy to say my backstage friend, Ariel, is now the YOUNGEST IFBB pro....it's so exciting...she's only 17!

This leads me to a new long term goal. I will still train and get ready for November...but that will just be a stepping stone to the long term goal of competing at Team U in 2010.

If I were to win my Pro card, I would love to win it there because it's local. Looks like I am on a 365 day count down...
Until next time....


Ugh...Shoulders and Back

But the "Ugh" is not for the workout...I'm glad I got the workout in BEFORE the "Ugh" came...

"Ugh" = "Tom" = "Yuck"

At least it's only for a day or two...but the first day is ALWAYS the worst.

Anyway...workout was good...went with Brenda...it was her first time running the routine...it was hard...but she did good...2nd time around is usually easier...

I'm not really full of excitement today...can't wait til I feel better!

I'll write more this weekend...enjoy your Friday!

Until Next Time...


Just wanted to share the GOOD NEWS!!!

My client Brenda...the one who I asked you to follow her blog...she hit a HUGE milestone today...she has been WORKING HER BUTT OFF...and she is now 60lbs lighter!!! Check her out!!!

Remember...her blog is: http://brendagetinfit.blogspot.com/


Wednesday is Leg Day...

Believe it or not...this is the first time I am writing and following my own program to get ready for an upcoming show. I know I've always had the ability before to do it...but I always liked the idea of being told what to do...even trainers need trainers!

I think what's different this time around is that I am training WITH my team...and not alone...and it's making a WORLD of difference. It gives me MORE motivation to work with them...and get through the crazy programs I put together. (Man, I can write some tough ones!)

So, today was leg day and it's the 2nd time running this leg routine. I wish I had my body bugg on me, because I would LOVE to see the calorie burn after this one. I wrote the program so that you're getting 7 different leg exercises in, plus 30 minutes of cardio...and it only takes about an hour to complete (not counting stretching after.) I know that sounds impossible...but the reps are high, the weight is moderate...and you definitely get the burn (actually this one gets you close to losing your breakfast/lunch!)

Last time I trained for a show I was putting in 2-3 hours EVERYDAY...and don't get me wrong...I looked the BEST I ever have looked...but not EVERYONE can dedicate THAT much time to a training program (ie; many of my clients) so I thought if I could design something and match it with a diet for those who don't have 2-3 hours per day...I would follow it too and see how it works. SO FAR SO GOOD.

Tomorrow, for me is cardio, plyometrics, and routine practice...I'm on my own for this...Tues & Thurs night I run 2.5 hours of class for my team (and other clients) and I don't usually participate.

Friday is Back and Shoulders...will be back then for an update...

My personal goal for November 14th is to be at or below my contest weight from last time...I have about 15lbs to go and less than 10 weeks...this is going to be TOUGH...but with everyone's support...I know I can get there!

Until Next Time!


10 weeks out!

Today I came to my blog and found out that 2 of my clients have either updated or started a blog to write about their journey to the stage. I am so excited and hope that you all follow them and support them like you did to me...you ladies are the best and really make the journey that much easier when times get tough!

One is a Bikini Competitor, Shannon. Her blog is: http://shan-wow.blogspot.com/

The other, Brenda, hopes to compete in Body Building, (but may start off in figure.) Her blog is: http://www.brendagetinfit.blogspot.com/

I told them that I would also keep updating my blog since we all plan to compete in November for Eastern USAs in NYC.

If it goes MY way all 5 of us (pictured) will be ready and on stage!

Until next time!