I know's it's been a while...I'll be back full speed soon, I promise, but...

In the mean time...I am starting a little challenge/game type thing with my personal training business called "Fitness Jenn Across America." I wanted to post it here in case anyone was interested in participating!!! Let me know if you have any questions!

There are about 2,860 miles from New Jersey to California and Fitness Jenn needs YOU to help get her there!

Bi-weekly prizes will be awarded, so this is the perfect time to get motivated! Grab a friend, sister, co-worker, neighbor and get MOVING! (Winners chosen at random.)

How to participate: Email your name & address to jenn@fitnessjenn.com (just in case you are a prize winner, I know where to send it to.)

Update your mileage each day or each week. Must look like this:

Jane Doe 7/27/09 3.2 miles
Jane Doe 7/28/09 2 miles
Jane Doe 8/1/09 .5 miles

Name…Date…and Miles MUST be included and sent via Face Book, MySpace, MeetUp, or e-mail: jenn@fitnessjenn.com

You may walk, jog, run, or bike your miles.

Any questions please e-mail them to jenn@fitnessjenn.com. Let’s see how many people we can get involved and how long it takes to get across the USA!!!

Invite your friends, family, neighbors, and co-workers. The more the merrier!