My Latest Creation...

So, I am back to eating Tilapia...not a fan really...I've been covering it in Mustard to get to down, so I wanted to try a new recipe. I took the almonds I'm allowed to eat with the fish meal and chopped them up and added Mrs. Dash No Salt added Garlic Herb seasoning to the mix. Then after covering the fish in egg whites I "breaded" the fish with the mixture I created...Then baked it with some broccoli. Looks good, but I haven't tired it yet. I know I usually list nutritional info, but I don't have time to do that today since we are leaving for NYC in about an hour and still have to pack everything up (even the puppy! He's going to stay with his "Aunt.")

I'll try to update while in NYC. Hope all you NY & NJ people are all enjoying this great weather we are having!

Until Next Time!

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Mary M said...

Hey girl....I am a client of the PHAT Girlz and will be following your journey with you...I ask you to please follow mine! We can support each other!!!!!

Have a great week!