Hot Stone Massage....

OMG...did you ever have one!??! If not you DEFINITELY SHOULD! I have gotten many massages but this was a first today...and let me tell you it was LOVELY! (And I'm getting another one tomorrow...but for 90 minutes!!!!!!! Today was only 50min...HEAVEN!) Next time you need to reward yourself do this...and don't feel bad about it! Just remember "Jenn said to do it!"

It was part in celebration (of the news I still won't share until Friday! LOL) and part for recovery from working out.

K-I-L-L-E-D it in the gym tonight...maybe it was my music...maybe it was the Tight Curves Top Secret I took before I started...or maybe it was just my natural HIGH from all this good stuff going on around me? Probably a little of everything.

Here's my workout...

30 min run on treadmill = 3 miles


Triple Set 1: Assisted wide grip Pull Ups 10x + Op Arm/Op Leg Lift (over exercise ball) holding 2.5lbs in each hand 10x + Leg lifts for lower abs holding 10lb DB in feet 10x (Did this triple set 3 times)

Triple Set 2: Behind neck pull downs 15x + Sgl Arm DB Row 10x + Burpees holding 10lb dbs 10x (Did 3 times around)

Triple Set 3: Cable rows 10x + Renegade Row 10x + High Knee Running in place :30 sec (Did this 3 times around)

I was in and out in 60 minutes! I took NO BREAKS during my lifting and lucky for me I didn't have to wait for equipment. One thing I noticed about myself this time was I didn't put too much pressure on myself to lift so much...I mean I did try to lift heavy...but instead of getting in over my head I just moved down a plate or weight and kept it moving without feeling like a LOSER. I know I'll get my strength back up to where it was last time mid prep...it's just going to take TIME...and when I get my Con-Cret creatine product that should help with my rest, recovery, and strength in the gym.

Tomorrow I plan to run 45 mins and have gymnastics for a hour at night....whew! I am SPENT...off to sweet dreams for me...until tomorrow!!!

Inspiration for all Fitness/Figure Competitors and Hopefuls

View My friend Jen's latest video blog: Made Fit TV - Episode 91

So excited...

In celebration I had some chocolate...I'm sorry! News coming Friday...


Waiting to Exhale...

I think I'm almost ready (to exhale)...a portion of my anxiety from the last few weeks will be coming to a close...and as soon as I have official word...I WILL EXHALE...and keep moving forward.

That's all I'm going to say for now...


108 Sun Salutations - And More Entertaining Yoga Stories

I've been doing ALOT of yoga lately...and WHO KNEW it could be SO HARD!?! I originally started going a few years back to get in some light stretching and to get rid of stress...and it was always great for that...but ever since I signed up for unlimited classes at the studio near me I've been trying all different kinds...

So, Saturday they had a 2 hour class which started with 108 Sun Salutations followed up with a gentle class after...if you are not familiar with yoga or sun salutations I'll explain to you the version we did (since there are many) You start standing...reach your arms above your head and bend back into a slight back bend then hinging from the hips swan dive down to a standing forward fold...come up half way...back down into the full froward fold...then hop feet back into a push up position...then lower down to the floor by doing a tricep push up (elbows tucked in close to body) then up into a cobra stretch...push back into a downward facing dog and hop feet back in to a standing forward fold then come up slow to standing with arms stretched above head returning hands to heat in prayer position... (whew!) and then go again...and again...and again until you complete 108 of them...in a row...(in simple terms...almost like doing a combo squat thrust with a tricep push up over and over again.)

Now, in yoga you are "not in competition" and can stop and rest at anytime or do only as many as you can...HAHA YEAH RIGHT..."F" THAT! I was going to do all freakin 108 of them if it KILLED ME! I am HAPPY to say it DID NOT KILL ME and I was one of two who kept up with the instructor and did ALL 108!!! I was SWEATING MY ASS OFF...and I was seriously sore in the morning...actually it's Monday and my hammies are STILL just as sore (maybe more) than any leg workout I've done!!!

I decide to return to yoga with a client/friend the next night for a easy class. Well, it was PACKED...and we were all sitting very close to one another...the lady in front of me, no lie, had her big NASTY THONG sticking out of her pants THE WHOLE CLASS and her ASS was like in my face the whole time since I was behind her!!!

THEN...the women sitting next to Krystal starts to FART in the middle of class...I swear like 3 or 4 times...I couldn't even look over at Krystal or I would LOSE IT and we would NEVER STOP LAUGHING...they probably would have kicked us out!!!

OMG...so THAT was my yoga weekend! HAHA!

15 week to TEAM U!!!


Turkey Meatball Recipe


1lb extra lean ground turkey
2 egg whites
1/2 cup oats
1/4 cup crumbled reduced fat feta cheese
1 teaspoon low sodium soy sauce

Combine all ingredients and make 15 meatballs. Bake for 20 minutes at 425

3 meatballs per serving
Calories: 175
Fat: 2.18
Carbs: 12.76
Protein: 25.88

Old Favorites, New Favorites, & Future Favorites

Old Favorite: I love my Tight Curves shaker cup best out of all the ones I have. I'm even considering buying another one!

New Favorite #1: Turkey Meatballs and Broccoli/Cauliflower mix sprinkled with a little Parmesan cheese (Turkey Meatball recipe to follow in the next post)

New Favorite #2 - Coconut Oil (Thanks Genie for introducing me to this one!)

New Favorite # 3 - Tight Curves Top Secret (to order go to tightcurves.net and use coupon code TCTM0709 to save 25% on your order)
Future Favorite (hopefully): Con-Cret. Creatine product I am dying to try. Just got the e-mail from Amazon saying it's been shipped so as soon as I start using it I will give a review. Off to yoga for 2 hours...write more later!

Roller Coaster Ride

That pretty much sums up my week...more so in terms of events and emotions...believe it or not I was IRON CLAD STRONG through my diet and IT SHOWS...It's amazing how 1 week of COMPLIANCE can change your physique since last Monday (3/15/10) I'm down over 6lbs! Very motivational and exactly what I need right now. I know most is probably water weight and that's OK I'm happy to be UNDER 130 (even though it's only by a half a pound!)

This is my confession to Genie...Monday & Tuesday were 5:30am days like we planned...Wednesday-Friday NOT SO MUCH...I know there should be NO EXCUSES, but in reality there are. Wednesday I was seriously in pain in my biceps from my Monday & Tuesday workouts...not the "Ohhh that's sore but I can work through it" kind of pain but the "I think I might have totally OVER DONE IT" kind of pain and this early in the game I didn't want to set my self back with an injury. Thursday, I shut my alarm off in my sleep so I never ended up waking up in time!!! And today (Friday) I decided to work from home so I have all day to get my workouts in...(On Wed & Thurs I still worked out...just not in the AM...cardio but no lifting)

That brings me to the next hump in my roller coaster...WORK. I have a PASSION for health and fitness...my whole BEING LIGHTS UP when I step foot into a gym or training facility. I have a brand new job right now (and believe me I'm thankful for it but) it's NOT what I want to do because it doesn't make me HAPPY. I decided to have a mini freak out and called and told my boyfriend about my anxiety with work...which LOOOONG story short didn't turn out the way I wanted which leads to the NEXT hump in my roller coaster...TROUBLE IN PARADISE...I don't need to elaborate on that...I'm sure you guys know how that can effect you mentally...

The day after my "I hate my job" freak out I go out on the road with my boss (I'm in a sales position) and things are on the Up and UP...it's like meeting with your trainer after you had a bad day or week of eating and working out...after you meet with them they remind you why you are doing what you are doing and refocus you and point you in the right direction again...exactly what I needed...then HUMP...TROUBLE IN PARADISE...AGAIN...SIGH...

So, here I am Friday morning...feeling BLAH and trying to get myself together...start my day on the scale...and as stated above, I am VERY HAPPY going into the weekend...so I am hoping and praying for a better week next week!

There are a few more things I want to write about, but I have to get ready to meet with a few clients...I'll be back later today to write...I'll be like Genie who posts like 3 times a day (THANK GOD for that! It keeps me entertained through out the day!)

Be back later....


Biceps - OUCH!

WOW...I'm TIRED! Both sleepy and body exhaustion. Today is day 2 of absolute compliance on my prep plan (wow, it's REALLY only Tuesday!?!?)...and between work, training clients, and my own workouts it's catching up! BUT...I have not lost motivation at all...I haven't even weighed in yet because I want to wait until a Friday because I KNOW that I will have a significant drop, which will keep me motivated going into weekend.

Met with my Bikini client today and she looks GREAT! I'm very excited for her! I also need to meet with my Master's Figure client to go over posing...she just got her suit and I can't wait to see it!!! They both have made great progress!!!

Today I woke up at 5:30 and did my morning workout...a full body circuit...but I didn't have time to run my 4 miles so I went back to sleep for a little after my workout and breakfast. Today was SUPER busy and after the 3 clients I had tonight I missed the Yoga class I wanted to go to at 8pm...but it's all good because I ended up running my 4 miles instead...which I think was a good choice.

It's 10:25pm and I still have to write up tomorrow's plans...so I better do that so I can go to bed...YAWN!!



It's 9:42pm and I want to go to bed by 10:30 so this is going to be a quick recap...

6:30am - YOGA...can you say PRIVATE CLASS!?!? It was just me and my favorite yoga teacher!

Meals for the day:

Meal 1 - 3 egg whites + 1 yolk and 1/4 cup oats

Meal 2 - Plain Fat Free Greek Yogurt + 1 packet Tight Curves Chocolate mixed in (looked really good, but only ate about 3/4 of it.)

Meal 3 - Turkey Meatballs, Broccoli/Cauliflower mix, and almonds

Meal 4 - 2.5 packet of Tuna and peanut butter (not mixed together! EWWW that would be nasty!)

Meal 5 - Turkey Meatballs, 2oz whole wheat pasta, 1/4 cup marinara

PM workout was back and bis with cardio bursts in between super/triple sets (mountain climbers, burpees, jumping jacks)

I'll post tomorrow's meals and workouts tomorrow...now I'm off to sleep...another part of the PLAN...(probably the BEST PART!!!) Night all!



Today I went to yoga for 2 hours...1 moderate class and 1 gentle class...it was a great way to start the day...but one thing I noticed (which I probably SHOULDN'T HAVE since I was supposed to only be paying attention to MYSELF and FOCUSING MY MIND...but I'm human! And my mind was wondering a bit!)

In the moderate class there were mostly younger people. I noticed there was this one girl who was SUPER skinny...don't get me wrong...she looked fairly fit...I could see some muscle on her...but I started to think to myself, I would NEVER look like that...actually, I DON'T WANT to look like that. Then in the gentle class it was mostly older women...who were soft and somewhat over weight...and I though to myself, I DON'T WANT to look like that when I'm older...then that got me thinking...

Getting your "perfect" body is not always going to be easy...if your mom and grandma have big thighs and a big butt...you are probably going to have that too (ummm that would be ME!)...but if your mom and dad are bean poles, you'll probably look like that too...

Does that mean that the "bean poles" have it easier? NO...the bean poles probably have a harder time GAINING muscle and size...where as the big butt and heavy thigh person has a harder time losing FAT...

No one has it EASY...No matter what your body type it's going to take TIME and EFFORT to get the "PERFECT" body...YOUR perfect body...so remember that every time you are in the gym or planning your meals for the week...think about what is going to HELP you and what is going to SET YOU BACK....and then make the BEST choice for YOU in order to get you closer to your PERFECT BODY!


Spring has Sprung...

March 20, 2010...the FIRST DAY OF SPRING...and it couldn't have been BETTER! I think we got close to 80 today here in NJ...I've been waiting ALL WINTER for this!

Today was a food shopping day...love shopping on the weekends and filling my fridge and cabinets with food for the week. I have lots of recipes I plan to try this week so I will share if they come out good!

We launched our other 2 kayaks today and took them for a ride...a LOOOOONG ride...I think we were out for like an hour and a half...and I don't know nautical miles...but in "regular drive the car" type miles we had to have done almost 5...Ryan and I were both exhausted after that! (Not to mention soaked!)

I plan to do my early wake ups this week with Genie again...as I am now 16 weeks out from Team U. I have ALOT of work to do to get there...but like my last post said...be consistent and trust the system!

Speaking of that...I have 2 clients who are 3 weeks out from their first shows. One is doing Bikini and the other is doing Master's Figure. They both have been consistent with the workouts and meal plans I gave them...and BOY DOES IT SHOW...I am so HAPPY and EXCITED for them and the progress they have made...I know in 3 weeks they will be so ready for stage!!!

Off to make some Protein Peanut Butter Balls courtesy of my friend Jen at Made Fit TV. You have GOT to check out her weekly episodes on health and fitness...very good quality and very entertaining!



I listened to a few podcasts yesterday and the common theme between the fitness and figure pros interviewed was “CONSISTENCY.” If you want to have a career in the fitness industry (whether that be a competition career or an actual job) you have to have a plan and follow it CONSISTENTLY in order for it to work…TRUST the SYSTEM and be CONSIST ANT.

I STILL have a problem trusting the system sometimes. I think it's mostly because I'm not patient and I want everything NOW. But like the saying goes...anything worth having is worth waiting for...right!?!?


If you have foods you are NOT LOOKING FORWARD TO you are NOT GOING TO BE CONSISTENT because you are NOT GOING TO EAT IT. Figure out a way to put foods on that plan you will like, and eat CONSISTENTLY!

Do you ever think: "WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME THAT I CAN NOT JUST FOCUS AND DO THIS? I’M SICK OF WAKING UP ON SUNDAY OR MONDAY SAYING: “This is going to be the start of a successful plan…” then only make it to Wednesday…give up and start over again on Sunday/Monday…PEOPLE DO IT…WHY CAN’T I!?!?"

Well, you're not alone...I feel like that too...I'm sure most everyone does at the start of a LONG journey to a HUGE goal. But just remember...BE CONSISTENT and TRUST THE SYSTEM.!


Technical Difficulties...and SAVE FITNESS NOW!

Back to a BORING template due to some technical difficulties! Apparently the fancy one wouldn't let you comment!

Anyway...VERY IMPORTANT NEWS!!! Please follow the blog SAVE FITNESS NOW and post it EVERYWHERE YOU CAN!!!

Some of you may (or may not) be members on siouxcountry.com...but there have been many posts lately regarding the lack of support of the IFBB/NPC Fitness division...(not from fans, but competitors themselves) because there have been a lack of entries into shows. Lack of entries mean promoters won't offer it and if promoters don't offer it OUR SPORT MIGHT DIE!

I AM A FITNESS COMPETITOR....anyone who reads or follows my blog knows this! (HELLO, it's the NAME of my blog! LOL)and I would REALLY like to go pro one day...I would also like to show up to a contest and compete against MORE THAN 1 or 2 other girls...I work JUST AS HARD and JUST as long as figure girls...and most figure divisions have 10+ girls!!!

In an effort to SAVE FITNESS, IFBB and NPC Fitness competitors (and the fans who love us!!!) have come together to campaign to SAVE OUR SPORT.

If ANYONE and I mean ANYONE has questions about fitness...would like to try fitness...or knows someone who would LOVE FITNESS please, please, PLEASE send them my way!!! I would be HAPPY TO HELP! No you don't need to do gymnastics...no you don't need to be a dancer...you just need to know how to HAVE FUN and ENTERTAIN!!!

Other Fitness Competitors you can follow:


Did You Ever Make A Mistake That Ended Up Being Awesome?

I did!!! Tonight after my run I had no more chicken cooked and I was just SO HUNGRY I wanted something QUICK...I've been dying to try the Tight Curves Brownies...so I look up the recipe and see it only takes about 10 minutes...PERFECT! Brownies for dinner!?!? Who wouldn't?

So...I'm getting my eggs ready in my blender and open my first packet pour it in...open the second packet and pour that in...HEY WAIT A MINUTE...why is this packet so much DARKER than the other packet I just put in? Then I look at the package...OOPS! The first one was the Berry packet...

I also had another OOPS...the recipe recommended a 8inx8in pan and I had a 9inx9in so my pan wasn't quite full...no problem...I just added 3 more egg whites, 1 more whole egg, and one more CHOCOLATE protein packet...lightly coated my pan with coconut oil instead of non cook spray and cooked for 15 minutes...DELISH! I even added a little coconut oil to the top when they came out still WARM and it melted LIKE BUTTER! The only thing I might add next time is a packet or two of Truvia (which I had, but didn't think to add.)

Oh...and another thing...I had a small snack of a few rice cakes and peanut butter before my full body circuit workout...but after that I was scheduled to run 4 miles and I didn't have time to eat anything (nor did I want to if I was running that long!!!) So...I decided to pop 2 Top Secret instead...on the directions it says other than before meals you can take before a workout for added energy...HELLOOOOOOOO...it totally worked...I wasn't like running super fast (between a 5.0-5.7 on the treadmill), but the wall never kicked in (like it usually does around 20 mins into a run) and I felt GREAT the WHOLE 45 minutes...

I am a member of Team Tight Curves and you can be too!!! Just send me (or post below) your email address and I'll send you an invite! It doesn't cost ANYTHING to join and you get to save 25% on all products! I'll even share the promo code with you NOW: TCTM0709. Go to tightcurves.net to view and order products!

Day 2 of my contest prep is complete and was successful! I hope you are following your plans to achieve YOUR GOALS!


Hot Shower...I Love You!!!

Success...Day 1 of Week 1 (out of 17 weeks) complete, and it was interesting. Woke up at 5:30am like Genie and I had planned to...and text her first thing...no text back...(until I found out later that she actually HAD text me, as did some other people, but my phone stopped accepting text, some time on FRIDAY and I am just finding this out now! WTF!!!)

Anyway...woke up and made my black coffee & breakfast of 2 slices of Ezekiel bread dry, 3 egg whites & 1 yolk...ate and made my way to 6:30am Yoga...how AWESOME...just me and one other girl there with the OWNER of the studio leading...almost like a private lesson for an hour from someone who has been practicing Yoga for like 20 years. AWESOME.

Came home with just enough time to email my boss the previous week’s sales numbers and get on a 30 minute conference call as I drove to train a client. Trained my client at 9am for a half hour then came home and ate meal 2 (Chicken, green beans and brown rice) then started making some phone calls for work (I love working from home...I didn't even get out of my sweats!)

After Meal 3 I was NOT looking forward to Meal 4...and after meal 4 I thought I was going to PUKE...I forgot what it was like to eat this way! (Not to mention last prep I did all of my working out in the AM so it was easy to eat my meals because I was STARVING!!! Today I didn't get to the gym for my 2 miles and legs/abs until AFTER Meal 4 around 5:45-6pm.)

So, this gym I signed up for...
Pro Body Fitness...the one that doesn't have contracts...yeah, it also doesn't really have any GIRLS...and I can't yet tell if the guys are looking at me like "WTF is that girl doing in here?" or if they are thinking "Holy Sh*t that girl knows what she is doing!" Either way I don't care because I'm there to do a job and not make friends or find a date...besides I know the owner (he use to be one of my clients when I sold radio advertising) so I'm sure if I have any problems I can just let him know...I doubt the guys will say anything to me...but I have NO PROBLEM telling them where to go if they do...if you know what I mean! LOL

Right now I am just looking forward to my HOT SHOWER and eating Meal 5. I have Meal 6 planned which is really not a meal...just a shake...and I think I might actually skip it...I don't think I need it...without it I'm still over 1500 calories, and I'm not hungry! SO, no sense forcing it.

Be back with an update tomorrow...


KAYAKING!!!!!! And my plans for the week...

Last year Ryan and I went kayaking for the first time and FELL IN LOVE WITH IT! So, what did we do? We bought kayaks! 4 to be exact!!! This way we can go out with friends! We just picked them up today so we HAD to try them out...lucky for us we only live about a quarter mile from the water so we carried them down, hopped in and took a ride! It stated to rain so we only stayed out for about 30 minutes...but between paddling and carrying the kayaks to and from the water...Id say it was a good 45-60 minute workout! (My forearms and triceps were BURNING from carrying them...my grip strength is CRAP!)

So...like I said in my last post...I'm 17 weeks out from Team U. I figured NOW is a good time to start my prep. As we all know organization is KEY...so I hope this little idea I have works and keeps me on task:

- I bought one of those huge desk calendars. I'm writing all of my workouts and meals for each day and posting the current month on the fridge so I have to look at it EVERYDAY and have NO question as to what it is I have to do...no guessing because it's in plain sight.

- My first 4 weeks of workouts are written as is my first 3 weeks of meals. Of course the meal plan will vary depending on if asparagus is on sale vs broccoli or tilapia is on sale vs chicken.

- Genie and I also have made a pact to text each other every morning (M-F) to make sure each of us is up and ready to go for AM workouts...I've been having a hard time getting up early, so I hope this helps!!! If anyone else is on East Coast Time and wants in on a 5:30am wake up call let us know and we can add you to the list!!!

It's been almost a year since I last competed...and since my "Confessions of a Secret Binge Eater...The Dark Side of Competition Dieting" blog entry...right now I'm READY to ROCK AND ROLL...my head is IN THE GAME! And I'm aiming for that PRO CARD! Thanks for following and CHEERING ME ON!


Some help please!!!

17.5 weeks until TEAM U
7.5 weeks until my FIRST HALF MARATHON
I need suggestions on a major and exciting event for MARCH 2010!!!
In Jan - I Got a job with good pay and benefits
In Feb - I bought a house
In April - I have a vacation for Miami
In May - I have my Half Marathon
In June - I have my sister's wedding
In July - I have TEAM U