PREP DAY! Hitting the stage in about 24 hours!

Today I am not working. I didn't schedule any clients or hold any classes because I need the whole day to MYSELF! One day off prior to contest is ok...but I've now learned that maybe 2 full days will be better. I'm thinking...next show I'll work half a day on Wednesday and take off Thurs & Fri.

Anyhow...here it is Friday morning 9am. Slept in again to 6:45am (which is late for me) and it felt good. My first order of business this morning at 10:15 is an appointment at The Body Wrap Shoppe. I usually visit them a few times prior to contest to get body wraps. I feel that it helps me look and feel better. If you are in the Tri-State area (NY-NJ-PA) I would highly recommend them. They also do airbrush tanning. This is where I go for my first coat of tan. The color looks really good too. For example...after my last show my first year competing I was in the Bahamas the day after my contest. One of the locals said,"Girl...you have a NICE tan! Where you from?" HAHA If he only knew what my Irish behind REALLY looks like and that it was 100% fake tan! HAHA...goes to show you how real it looks!

My sister gets off of work at 1pm and will be my right hand girl the next 2 days. It's great when one of us is competing and the other one is not (we compete together sometimes...) because this way at least ONE of us had our head straight!!! She's awesome at taking charge of the situation and managing me during this crazy time. I think I'm actually going to hire her as my assistant for my Personal Training company!!! (If she's lucky...maybe I'll even PAY her! LOL)

Today I think I may be posting a few times to update you through out my day. Excited to post pictures and hopefully my routine video this weekend so you all can see!

Thanks for following my journey...be back later to update!!

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Genie said...

Go get'em tiger!!! I'm so excited! I can't wait to hear all about it!