Miami Trip Photos

Our Hotel View From the Room
Our First Day there...YIKES!

I said PLEEEEASE let there be SUN tomorrow!!!

Hotel Bar - The Girls

Hotel Bar - The Boys

Hotel Lobby

Kardashian Store...Nope, didn't buy anything!!!

Funny Manequin with big boobs LOL
Pool Side...YAY...Sun!!
Another View
Lil John the rapper was in that black truck and nasty girls were running over and jumping in...and if they weren't nasty before..they were definitely NASTY after they got out...EWW!

Our Private Cabana that we had all day on the best/nicest day we were there.

The girls at the awards dinner for the hard working men who brought us there!!!


Sign the petition if you haven't yet!!! And PASS IT ON!!!

Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution (<---click to go right to the site)


Ms. Crankypants is gone...at least for the next month!!!

Well...here I am MUCH better than earlier in the week. Glad I didn't post then because I was a ball of negative energy. I didn't want to spread that to you all...I know this is supposed to be a place where I can be me and be honest...but I know how negative energy is contagious and it wouldn't be fair to knock anyone else down in my misery!

With that being said there are a few changes going on for me.

1) I have decided to forgo the Half Marathon in May. I have not trained for it like I should have been...early on I did, but then as life happens I was running less and less...and my hip flexor has been acting up (the one I injured last year during prep) and after reading Tinamarie's blog over at Fit GreenGoddess and her experience with her half and her hip flexor it mad me think. Do I want to get injured and not be able to compete in fitness? I'm a little bummed but I think it's the best decision right now.

2) I'm taking training day by day because my hip flexor has been hurting after gymnastics and other "hard" workouts...so I have to find other cardio to do besides running because I think that's what's hurts it the most...but that also is what burns the most calories...running...I guess if I'm just meticulous with my diet any cardio will be good...

Well, I leave for Miami on Sunday! Can't believe how fast this year is FLYING BY. Kinda scary...I just told my mom today..."Can you believe I've been out of college for SIX YEARS!??!" I swear it feels like I JUST graduated. Time flies when you get older...remember when you were a kid and 5 minutes felt like a year! HAHA

OK better get my butt moving for work...have to see a potentially new client at 8:30.


Mom always said...

If you have nothing nice to say then don't say anything at all....so I won't. TOM is coming and I'm TIRED and UNMOTIVATED and I don't want to say anything I"m going to regret in a few days...so when my pissy mood is over I'll be back with something nice to say!


H2O and...what just ran by?

Some days I feel like I need 2 gallons of water...sometimes I feel like I just NEED MORE! Does that ever happen to you?
So, I go out for my run tonight...(BTW it was like 90 degrees in NJ today...OH YEAH!) So I'm running my 30 minutes around my mom's development...I have about 10 minutes to go and I'm running past the club house and pool...approaching the dumpster, when...WHAT THE? HOLY CRAP...a RACCOON freaking DARTS out in front of me HAULING ASS across the parking lot...I was FREAKED OUT HAHA! I definitely PICKED UP THE PACE...I was picturing punting the little sucker if it came after me...LMAO...just like a foot ball...OMG so crazy!


My body is tired from the inside out...does that make sense?

Ok...so I started the "new" old job yesterday and I still feel just as happy and excited as I did when the position was offered back to me. I'm just waiting to be hooked up with the computer log in and email and I'm all set!

A bit of news: This Saturday is the NPC Suburban and I have 2 clients competing. I am SO EXCITED for both of them! They both followed their workouts plans and meal plans and now they get to show EVERYONE their HARD WORK! I'm going to be like a proud mom HAHA!
My workouts have been PRETTY intense the last 2 days...and I mean INTENSE. I no longer have 2-3 hours in the gym anymore like last prep to get it done so I have to GET IN AND GET OUT...my workouts have been SUPER efficient and I like it that way...60 minutes...DONE (both cardio AND weights.) The last 2 nights after the gym I was STILL feeling the complete ASS KICKING I gave myself for hours after coming home...have you ever felt like that? I take NO breaks between my triple sets AT ALL...I just go, go, go, go and get done in 30 minutes...then I go RIGHT to the treadmill and run for 30 minutes. It's seriously almost like 60 minutes of cardio since I am movin' from one thing to the next and even have plyos added in the mix.

Monday was Hamstrings/Glutes/Calfs/Plyos + 30 min run (I also did 30 min run in the morning outside)

Today was Chest/Plyos + 30 min run (and I also did a 20 minute yoga "On Demand" this morning, which SUCKED BTW...I'll have to do a different one next time...so glad that have like a million to choose from!)

Tomorrow is Bis/Tris/Shoulders (I'm sure I worked plyos in there somewhere) + 30 min run.

Thursday is 45 min Run + Gymnastics

I'm guessing Friday is Back/Abs but I don't have my workout schedule in front of me.

Started taking the Con-Cret creatine and it's only been 2 days so I don't want to say anything just yet. I'll give you a report after about a week of taking it.

This past Sat we went to watch the IFBB Pro Fitness/NPC Mets. There were actually 4 amature fitness girls...WTF!?! Why can't there be that many when I compete! Geesh...I want to compete against more than 1 or 2 people! And I'm going to be perfectly honest their routines were not impressive...but that is JUST MY OPINION! I am a bit of a SNOB when it comes to routines. I know my strength is my routine and my physique is my challenge. I was like...DAMN I should have been up there...but shoulda, coulda, woulda, I wasn't...BUT it AMPED me up for staying STRONG on my prep and working really hard in the gym and on my routine.

How was everyone's Easter? Mine was great! Well...sleep is calling and I must answer!



Beautiful House for Sale/Rent! Fully Furnished!

Do you know of anyone looking for a vacation rental, summer home, or to move to the Nags Head area of the Outer Banks? My friend Tara's parents want to move back to NJ and are looking for motivated buyers/renters. Here’s the link to their listing:

They are selling it fully furnished, so you could rent it out / move in the next day! Photos of the inside of the house are on the listing.


And the big news is.....

Remember a few post back I wrote that I had some really big events planned in just about every month up until July of 2010 except March? Well...let's just say I thought I was going to go through March without a big event until Tuesday, March 30th...

So, I wake up on Tuesday and make my way over to an expo put on by my old company...(quick recap from 2006-2008 I worked as a radio sales person...I LOVED THE JOB...but, when my "big boss" left our market and went to a different market and a new manager stepped in all HELL broke loose! At that time I decided it was time for me to move on to other things...) no back to Tuesday...I walk in to the expo and see lots of people I used to work with...all smiles and hellos...and then my old "big boss" (who now is back in the same market I used to work in) turns around and sees me for the first time in probably 2 years...and with the biggest smile on his face exclaims "Irish!" (that's what he called me...) and gave me a big hug...So...long story short he asks me what I'm doing now and I tell him (actually I flash my business card...I was a sales rep for a pest control company...ohhhh exciting...) He sees the card and laughs and says..."Pest control...come on...why don't you come back to us...I have some openings and if you want your job back just say the word and it's yours"

HALLELUJAH!!!! (Hear the angles singing???)

This brings me to the new and exciting news...I ACCEPTED THE OFFER...and I'm going back to my old job at the radio station!!!

So, I know this might not sound very "Health and Fitness" related...and my blog is usually all about that...but it is...and I'll tell you why:

At one point in my life I was VERY passionate about communications and advertising and marketing (hello...that's what my college degree is in) and then later in life my passion became health and fitness...and I wanted to be a business owner SO BAD...that all of 2009 I ran my own business...and IT WAS HARD...who just decides to QUIT her job with regular pay and benefits to start a business with what's in her bank account...ME! Why? Because I had PASSION, DRIVE, and DETERMINATION to do it...and do it well.

As everyone knows the economy hasn't been the best in the last few years so I was forced to pick up full time work again when my training business slowed down...so when I sent out resumes and interviewed and got the "bug job" I was excited because it was good pay and benefits...but what I didn't realize until 3 months in was that I REALLY HATED IT...I thought I liked selling...and I do...but if I am not PASSIONATE about the product or service I CAN'T sell it...if I don't care about it...if it doesn't EXCITE me I can't do it...I get EXCITED about marketing and I get EXCITED about health and fitness...sooooo

Now I can fuse the two together...I can work on projects and campaigns that focus on health and fitness in my COMMUNITY and get other trainers, and doctors, and "pro-health" professionals involved and utilize the radio station and all of its resources (events, websites, multi media, etc) to help me SPREAD THE WORD.

I know this is a bit long, but I think it needed some explanation...if you've read this far, congrats! and thanks!

I start Monday, and I couldn't be HAPPIER...now maybe my contest prep will go better because I don't have the STRESS of HATING MY JOB sitting in the back of my mind!

Everyone have a HAPPY EASTER! Off to NPC Mets/PRO Fitness tomorrow in NYC...SO EXCITED! I'll be back with a full report!