I think it's time for an update...

So I am back from NYC...and it was fun. The gym in the hotel was open 24 hours so I was able to still get my work outs in. Funny story about the gym:

I was on the rowing machine which was next to/behind one of the weight stacks of the cable cross over machine. This guy went to use the weight stack on the other side (not next to me) to do tricep rope push downs (or maybe over head tris with the rope...I didn't really see) Anyhow...as he pulls the weight stack down the cable BREAKS!!! and the weight stack slams down and there the guy is left standing holding the rope and staring in disbelief at what just happened. OH MY GOD...I was so happy it wasn't the weight stack next to me because that cable went FLYING and I can just see it whipping me in the face or something!!! LOL...no one got hurt thank God!!! It was still funny to see the guy standing there with the rope in his hand...LOL

So...today I cranked out alot...45 mins on the bike followed by 15 mins on the Treadmill this morning. Looked like this:

Cardio Workouts:
Cardio #1: Bike 45 Minutes

Time Level
0-10 5
10-13 8
13-17 10
17-22 8
22-25 10
25-29 5
29-34 8
34-37 10
37-45 3

Treadmill 15 minutes

Time Speed Incline

0-3 mins 3.8 0
3min-6min 4.5 5
6min-9min 5.0 0
9min-12min 4.5 5
12min-15min 3.8 0

I was a bit disappointed this one didn't burn as many calories as other cardio workouts. But, what I did learn today was that when you are crunched for time and you need to get in the cardio and calorie burn to walk fast or better yet RUN UP HILL. Way more calorie burn than the bike BY FAR.

Later in the afternoon I did another 30 minute Treadmill workout (combo of fast walks, jogs, and sprints) followed by a KICK ASS leg workout...then another 30 minutes on the Treadmill (Mostly sprint/jogs)

I teach class tonight for 2 1/2 hours (CORE Abs & Back...Kickboxing...and Boot Camp) So I'll get in a little more calorie burn later. Off to a quick shower then back to the studio to teach.

Until next time...


Katie said...

Wow! How did you go from "Before" to "After"?
What did you change in your routine, diet, etc.?

Ali said...

holy crap, that is not a good thing (cables breaking)... that's why owning a gym is a tough call, lot's of liability, lol. Glad you are safe. I agree with you on biking versus anything on the tread, less calorie burn for the most part. BTW-do you have the new black Bodybugg? I have the older bigger one, thinking I should get that sleek new one but not sure I need to spend the moolah. I don't wear mine because it bugs me. Ali

Fitness Jenn said...

Katie - That was like a 2 year process from Before to After! Changed up my training style and diet mostly!

Ali - Yes, I have the new Bodybugg and I love it. Many of my clients now have it to! LOL