Getting creative

Ok...So when you are eating clean for a show you don't have many options for food...or at least I don't because I don't like fish. Chicken and asparagus has been on my menu for 3 weeks now..and even though it is better than Orange Roughy (ehhh...that was the stuff I was eating when I had my "fall off the wagon" experience about 3 weeks ago) it can get a little boring...so, I decided to experiment...and BOY WAS I HAPPY!
See my recipe below:
Chicken & Asparagus Recipe
2 oz thinly sliced chicken breast
6 Asparagus Spears (Fresh)
1-2 Garlic Bulbs
Olive Oil
Montreal Chicken Grill Seasoning
Roast Garlic in Terracotta Pot (Soak pot in water for about 15 mins. Set Oven at 400 degrees. Slice top off Garlic Bulb and place in pot with the cut off side up. Drizzle a small amount of Olive Oil over, cover and bake for 30-40 mins) When it’s done it should squeeze out like butter.
Spread the roasted (butter like) garlic on one side of the thin chicken breast. Place all 6 Asparagus spears in center of chicken and roll chicken around Asparagus and place on a baking sheet. Make sure the fold of the chicken is down as to hold everything together. Sprinkle Montreal Seasoning on top and bake at 400 for 20 mins.
Chicken: 80 Calories 1g Fat 0g Carbs 17g Protein
Asparagus: 20 Calories 0g Fat 3.7g Carbs 2.2g Protein
Garlic: 4 calories 0g Fat 1g Carbs 0g Protein
Olive Oil: 39 Calories 4.5g Fat 0g Carbs 0g Protein
Totals: 143 calories 5.5g Fat 4.7 g Carbs 19.2g Protein


Team Effort...

Today I met my sister at the gym for a workout. She also competes in fitness with me. Most of my prep for this upcoming season has been me, myself, and I. Sure, I've had support...but there's NOTHING like working out with someone. I feel like I get my BEST workouts when I am with someone...and there were only a handful of times I worked out with her. I think we may do that more often now, as she is 10 weeks out from her first show. (June 6th - NPC Atlantic States...which I will also be competing at.)

Today we played a cardio game that one of my coaches came up with. Check it out at her blog: Lishia Dean. It's hard, but SOOO fun. I think everyone in the gym thought we were NUTS! Haha...I love the reactions I get from people in the gym at the stuff I do. It's priceless. Most people can't even imagine ever training like that...and I kind of like the attention, even if it's weird looks and stares!

Sent pictures to my trainer today and he is happy with the progress I have made since the set back...and honestly, that makes me feel better too! I can't wait to compete. I know I will be very excited once I get my suit back designed...then I know it's almost time!

Well, I'm off to write up plans for clients as well as send off some e-mails.

Until next time...



PosingWearOH MY GOD....I saw the box on the step today and couldn't open it fast enough!

First of all...I LOVE LOVE LOVE (can't stress that enough) the color. It's perfect! It's not designed yet, this is just the fitting....but I'm still so EXCITED!

The quality is AMAZING.

I was like "HOLY CRAP is this going to fit me!!!" LOL it looked SOOOOOOO SMALL. But...it fits. I still have 2 weeks to "tighten up."

The fitness costume came too...TINY....but it fits!!! This is the real deal...it's really happening...just 2 weeks from now I will be prepping for my FIRST SHOW of the year. I'm excited...nervous...anxious...excited...just thinking about it give me that adrenaline rush. This is going to be a GREAT competition year...I can just FEEL IT.



2 1/2 weeks left....Yikes!

The next 2 1/2 weeks are going to FLY by...I just know it. I know I've had some set backs but I still am WAAAAYYY ahead from where I was last year, BY FAR. I should be getting my suit and fitness costume this week for a fitting, meeting with my trainer next week for a posing practice, and running my routine so much that I will be doing it in my sleep. I am actually really excited to perform it...I am DYING to hear the crowds reaction when I'm done! That's always awesome!

My goals the next two weeks is to STAY FOCUSED, PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE...and start to gather everything I will need the day of the show...make any necessary appointments, etc.

This might be TMI...but all I'm going to say is that...I lucked out again...the outta town visitor will be gone the week before the show...girls, I know you know what I'm talking about. How I manage to get so lucky is beyond me...but I hope it continues to happen that way all season long! LOL

Until next time...


It's 5:19am and I've been up since 5am. Saturday marked 3 weeks until the first competition. I had a good weekend...I videoed my routine and was able to SEE me do it other than trying to look in the mirror. I was impressed. I think it looks pretty good, for this stage in the game. If I just work it everyday as hard as I can I know I will smoke it the day of the show...because this little thing called adrenaline will kick in...God, how I love that!

I got my final 3 weeks from my coaches in terms of my training, but the diet is still the way we changed it after my little set back. It's ok. As long as it's not fish! LOL I know that my routine might be SOLID and rock the house, but if I come in stage in the swimsuit round looking like I just ate a box of donuts...I'm not going to get very far!

The next 3 weeks is all about tunnel vision. I actually learned that from my college track coach when I ran hurdles. He would always remind me not to be distracted as to what was going on around me, but focus on my goal, which is to get to the end of 10 hurdles FIRST...if I worrying about what the people next to me were doing, how could I focus 100% on myself. Great advice.

My musical inspiration today is not even music. I've been listening to Fitness, Figure, & Bikini Talk radio (which I get on iTunes, but can also be found on the BodySport Network.) Terry & Elaine Goodlad are an awesome husband and wife team that produce a GREAT podcast. I highly recommend it to any woman interested in this sport. There is no bodybuilding talk, it's all about fitness, figure (and now bikini.) They not only give the play by play of different contests (NPC & IFBB, so it's not ALL about the pros) but they have some of the BEST interviews with very inspirational people. Many current competitors, current & past champions, and others in the industry who don't compete, but have a great deal to say, like JM Manion. This radio show pumps me up in many ways. If I hear an interview with Jen Hendershott or Tracey Greenwood, I want to go and run my routine as hard as I can. But then there are other women they talk to, like Carla Sanchaez or Ana Tigre who built phenomenal businesses around being in this sport, and being a business owner myself it's VERY inspirational.

So, with that said...I better get a move on. I have a VERY BUSY day today working with clients, and I'm up early so I can get in my first round of cardio.

Until next time...


Video Shoot...

Today I am having my sister video chunks of my routine so I can send it to my coaches. This will be the first time I will get to see myself doing it (other than trying to sneak peeks in the mirror while doing it...but that's hard, especially when you are flipping around!)

It's VERY CHALLENGING...so I will probably film it in 3 sections. I hope it looks as good as Lishia thought it would look when she created it!

I am debating whether or not I will make the videos public. I might want to keep it a secret!!!

My Musical Inspiration today - Ozzy "I don't wanna stop." This song best describes me:

"All my life I've been over the top

I don't know what I'm doing,

All I know is I don't wanna stop

All fired up, I'm gonna go till I drop

You're either in or in the way

Don't make me, I don't wanna stop"


I think I'm losing my butt!!!

And I don't know if I like that! Of course I know my biggest "fat storage" area is my lower body...anyone who knows me knows that...but when you've had a butt your whole life and when it starts to get smaller...it's weird. This might sound a little funny...but if I try to "grab a handful" (LOL) it doesn't feel like my butt. HAHA..I'm serious. It's as if I am grabbing onto someone else's butt!!!

Ok, ok...so if I'm going to lose fat...and my fat storage is in my lower half it just makes sense that my butt will get smaller...it's just a weird feeling.

Tomorrow is 3 weeks out and I'm trying to remain calm. It's exciting, but I'm getting a little anxiety over it. I have to just remain focused and positive...the nervous-ness usually helps me the day of the show. It's like an explosion of energy through my whole body...as soon as the music starts for the routine the nervousness is instantly turned into a major adrenaline rush...and THANK GOD because it is that, that gets me through the routine!

I'll have to get back to you with my musical inspiration for the day later...I'm still thinking about it.

Until next time!


Major loss today, it was a TOTAL surprise...

But, don't' get worried...it wasn't a person or a pet!!! LOL

I get on the scale this morning...BRIGHT AND EARLY...I think it was 5:30am...and to my wonderful surprise I was DOWN 7lbs from Saturday. Ok...let's be real here...I KNOW I didn't lose 7lbs of body fat in 3 days...BUT...even if it was some fat and some water...it was still a loss.

Sticking to the plan is WORKING...I should have done it all along! (But, I'm looking forward...so the past is the past!!)

I have always been the "Get it done girl." For some reason I put myself in these positions all the time (I even did it when I was in advertising sales)...where I wait until last minute to get things done. I have every intention at the beginning to give myself time, but it always ends up coming to the very end. I guess, maybe that's a good thing. I don't BREAK under pressure...I THRIVE under pressure. I'm still learning that maybe that's not the best way to do things...but it's all a learning process. I'll get there!

My Musical Inspiration today: Let the Bodies Hit the Floor - Rob Zombie

Because that's what I feel like after my workouts...LOL

Until next time...


Today was a little...weird...

Ok...so I forgot to take my fish oils today...and with the new diet changes...I'm not really getting in may carbs (well, no starchy carbs...) and let me tell you...it makes for an interesting day.

I think my brain didn't work as well! I felt weird all day...I don't know if it was like I was in "LaLa Land" or what...but I was not as sharp...I couldn't get my self together...my thoughts were all over the place...I was supposed to be at a client's house at 4:30 and for some reason I got home at 4, thinking I had a 1/2 hour before I had to leave to get there...only to realize at 4:40 that I was already 10 minutes late!!! Thank GOD I have awesome clients...and I called and he was totally ok with it. I got there late and we worked out...HARD...he did good!

Today I went to Kim (Klein)'s gym to work out since I was right near there. I thought it was going to amp me up...but in all honesty it didn't. I was a little disappointed by the experience...but, oh well...I did what I had to do, and I left. I was way more jacked up after my 20 minute phone conversation with Jen Hendershott on Sunday...and I didn't even get to see her!

Anyway...tomorrow is a new day...busy, busy, busy...but I'll be in the gym ALL DAY so getting my workouts done should be easy...(I love when I can get them done early!!!)

3 full days on the new diet...and still hot off of my pep talks with my coaches. Other than feeling funny...I'm still ready to ROCK!

Musical Inspiration for today: Untouched by The Veronicas
Ok...maybe this sounds like a weird choice for musical inspiration, but I'm interpreting it as me having a conversation with myself...if that makes any sense...It's "Normal, everyday Jenn" talking to "Competition ready, in season, athlete, Jenn" :-)

Oh yeah...Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Until next time...


Still focused and ready to rock...

This week is looking pretty busy...and it's only Monday! I'm sticking to my plan...and there's no changing that.

Noticed today, however, that working out was a bit harder than usual...probably due to the diet changes, but I still pulled through like a champ. I worked some routine combinations today too, and I'm feeling confident. I love practicing routine stuff because 1) it's fun...and 2) people at the gym are so amazed! They are all very nice and supportive and always have something positive to say.

I also picked up a new client at the gym. A 14 year old girl who is over weight and is going to be training 4 days per week. I am SO EXCITED to work with her. I also have another 14 year old girl I am working with...and there is NOTHING more rewarding than helping a young girl find confidence to be who she is...and help educate her about being healthy and fit.

My Musical Inspiration today: Mission Impossible Theme Song

Not only because it's part of my routine music, but because even though it's "Mission IMPOSSIBLE" some how...some way it ALWAYS gets done...JUST like this whole pre-competition dieting and prepping process. It SEEMS impossible...but just like the movies says..."You're mission, should you chose to accept it..." I accepted...there's only one outcome...

Until next time!


4 weeks until the Mets - My progress so far...

Have you ever heard the phrase "Third time's a charm?" Well, I hope this year...my third year competing...is going to be the year.

I've been dieting and training since the week of Christmas...Yes, THAT LONG. This is the first year I had a plan that started 16 weeks out...the last 2 years I kinda just "wing-ed it." Ehhh, it was ok for that time...but winging it isn't going to get me to where I want to be...so I now have a team of people helping me prepare for the season.

If you wanna run with the big dogs...you gotta train like the big dogs...and seek out the best of the best to help you...and that's exactly what I did. It doesn't make this process any easier...in terms of eating and working out...but it does help to have a plan made exactly for me and a support team comprised of people who have all been there...and know what it takes.

So, I was doing good...but not good enough...the mental part got to me...and I fell behind...ate more than I was supposed to...missed parts of the workouts...which I was told happens to just about everyone in this sport at one time or another...and after the last set of pictures I had to send to my trainer, I begged for help. I was ashamed of my set backs...but there was no one to blame but myself. I needed to get up, dust myself off, accept what happened, then forget about it and move on. That brings me to today.

I'm not going to dwell or recap the last 12 weeks...I'm looking forward and charging ahead. My goal? To make sure everyone in the Industry KNOWS MY NAME. Sure, a ProCard would be great...and I will work my ass off to get there...but for now...just know...I'm an up-and-comer, and I'm going to BRING IT. Remember it: JENN NASH.

My Musical inspiration today: 4 Minutes by Justin Timberlake & Madonna.
When you have an hour of cardio to do and you see 56 minutes on the time counter...put this song on...it helps you get to the end!

Accountability - That's what this blog is going to be. I hope you enjoy reading about my journey...as much as I enjoy going through it!

Until the next time....