Well, Looks Like We're Starting Over...Reflections from the past week...

Why does a snow day always seem like the best excuse to sit in your house all day and do nothing but sleep, watch movies, and wear PJs??? I think it was probably ingrained in our brains when we were children...I was even shut in the house with a treadmill and a few pair of dumb bells and sat on my hiney all day....oh and this was on Wednesday...here is a quick recap of how and when it all went wrong:

Week One was great...drank all my water, got my workouts in, ate my meals as planned. Then the weekend came...and we had a family party...and I had some wine...ok maybe alot of wine...and instead of being down 3lbs in a week...it was only 1.5lbs in a week...

Here comes Week Two...started off strong on Monday & Tuesday....with the anticipation of another HUGE snow storm I had already planned in my head Tuesday afternoon I was going to be working from home on Wednesday.

Wednesday morning comes and I sleep in...no morning cardio...and the rest went down hill. Since Wednesday there were little to no workouts, definitely no gallon of water drank per day...and a complete MESS with the meal plan...SIGH...

The thoughts in my head weren't so much "Screw this, I'm giving up" it was more like "Holy sh*t, working a full time job, training clients, and prepping my own food, workouts, and keeping my house clean is almost impossible...I better rethink my plan, and reset my goals."

So, instead of stressing myself out to get ready for a show in 13 weeks...it might take me longer because I don't have as much time to spend on my workouts like I did a year and a half ago...and that's ok. I think slow and steady wins the race, right? Besides, my goal was to compete at least once this year to get my national qualification back...not necessarily to compete nationals...so maybe I won't be ready for April...maybe I will have to look at June...I may need the extra 7-8 weeks.

So, I enter into week 3 as a "Do Over." I am wiping the slate clean and starting over...Here we go for WEEK ONE...AGAIN.

Oh, and please do yourself a favor and DON'T BUY the Jennie-O Turkey Tenderloin.

It's not good. I bought it thinking it would be an easy way to get alot of meals prepped in one shot and it's gross. I can't really put my finger on it...maybe it's too salty...or processed? I don't know but save yourself time and money get something else!

Here we go again...


Day Two of Week Two Recap

Good Morning Blogger friends! Here I am...Day Two of Week Two in this competition prep. I just thought I would recap how the last week went...what I learned...and my next set of small goals going forward.

Last time around doing this I had all the time in the world to workout because I was basically in the gym all the time personal training full time. Now that I am back to work in the corporate world...it's alot harder to get those workouts in. Last week I planned out my workouts...and I only completed 4 of them...instead of getting frustrated and upset and giving the whole thing up my goal for this week is to get 5 workouts in. For me, diet is always the hardest part of my competition prep mentally...so right now I am focusing on hitting that 100%...I know my intensity will always be there for my workouts...no matter if I get them in 4 days a week or 7 days. The only thing I am nervous about with my training this time is that my fitness routine is pretty hard and I will need ALOT of cardio and muscle endurance to get through it...so I need to get in those type of workouts to prepare my body for 2 minutes of intense non stop movement. I suppose it's only the beginning of week two so I have time.

I also have not taken beginning pics to track my progress...I guess that antother goal for this week.

I hurt my elbow a little in Jiu Jitsu last night so that might set me back a few days because really any movement where I have to bend it I feel it. It's not BAD but I know if I put too much weight it may not heal as quickly...so that means no shoulders, chest, or tris...I may be able to still do back and bis...but maybe for the next few days I just hit cardio, legs, and plyos pretty hard. I may have to stop going "Live" at jiu jitsu if I feel there is too much risk in getting injured. But, no sense jumping the gun right now...I'll just take it day by day and week by week.

What I have always known but am finally accepting is that this process is more like a marathon than a sprint...and if I can just keep that in my head and continue to be patient everything will fall into place just the way it's supposed to.

Have a great week! Stay tuned for next week's update!


New Year...Can we try this again?

Dusting off the old blog to update. I forgot how much I miss posting and meeting new friends on here!

So, after a year and a half I FINALLY have my mind right. In the past 18 months I must have tried to get back on the competition diet wagon 4-5 times with no success. I'm not going to make excuses because I don't have any...other than I wasn't ready to commit.

I started taking kickboxing and jiu jitsu and met some new gal pals. We all have been talking health and fitness for a few weeks now, and right after Christmas I felt like I was ready to start again. My last weekend of eats and drinks was 1/1/11-1/2/11. Monday 1/3/11 was Day 1 and I have not looked back...

A few things I noticed about myself this time around. I didn't freak out when I ran out of the protein shake I wrote into my diet...instead I just subbed in another one. When I slept through my alarm today (Day 4) and missed AM cardio I did not let the rest of my day go to shit. I still packed my meals...and drank my water...in fact it's 5pm and I only have 20oz to go to reach my gallon.

I did experience some "detox" type symptoms...like feeling yucky and having headaches in the morning...but I know it's my body telling me I should eat sugar...I just ignored it and kept it movin'. Today (Day 4) was the first day I did not have the headaches....so I think the worst (for now) is over. I'm sure some day soon in the future will be a craving for something, but right now I'm going strong.

I hope you peeps continue to follow my journey to the competition stage this year. I love the comments and support. Have a healthy day!

xo- Jenn - xo


Sunday Funday, but where is the Sun???

A bit over cast here in NJ....stinks because Ryan and I did all of our Sunday chores on Saturday with hopes to go to his sister's beach house today...BLAH...I think we are still going to go...but it probably won't be as much fun with out the beach and sun! Oh well!

24 day challenge is going good...except I think I noticed something about me (that I can't believe took this long to figure out...) but...I think I have a serious Dairy issue...without giving you TMI...I don't really get stomach cramps or pains...but I think I do feel puffy and bloated alot after I have it...AND everyone around me (including me) need to invest in a pair of nose plugs...if you get what I'm sayin!!!

So....I'm going to do an experiment...NO DAIRY for today...and maybe even the next 2 or 3 days to see if my "problems" go away. This is going to be hard...no eggs, cheese, yogurt, milk, whey protein (which is 95% of my protein powder stash....thank God for those Tight Curves SOY protein packets I still have!) I don't mean hard as in I can't live without them (ok I love dairy) BUT I'm really going to have to THINK before I put something in my mouth to make sure it's not a dairy product or made with dairy.

I hope after the next few days I get my answer...it is the only think that seems to make sense to me...and actually...I think my mom told me when I was a baby she had to give me soy formula because I couldn't take the milk based ones...I guess I should give her a call too...I just figured 28 years later I would have grown out of that (unless the problem went away and came back?!?)

Anyway...............Spent LOTS of money yesterday on food shopping and got tons of great healthy foods...so now I just have to figure out this week's menu...should be fun!

Goal for this week:
Write 2-3 blog posts to get myself back into it...I do enjoy it...just have to MAKE the time!

Have a great Sunday! Until next time!


After a 3 month break I'm back!

Hello followers! It's been an eventful 3 months (some ups and some downs) but I'm back and ready to blog again!

It's been over a year since I've trained and prepped for a show...(not that I didn't try to start a prep 3 or 4 times in the last year!!!) and I miss it, but right now I have different responsibilities to take care of that require alot of time and attention.

I haven't been in a gym in over a month...but I have been training kickboxing and jiujitsu with Ryan 2-3 times per week. We also just bought bikes and have been riding them and also kayaking too. I miss weight training alot...I feel so soft!!!

I have been enjoying my summer eating and drinking like a "normal" person...but today I began a "24 day challenge" with my new company, Advocare. (It's not well known in NJ but I know it is pretty popular in Florida and Texas.)

Day One I weighed in at 131. After my 10 day herbal cleanse and the full 24 day challenge I hope to be down 5lbs. Let's see! Today was successful! Be sure to check my YouTube channel for video updates during the challenge...

Off to bed...until next time!!!


Miami Trip Photos

Our Hotel View From the Room
Our First Day there...YIKES!

I said PLEEEEASE let there be SUN tomorrow!!!

Hotel Bar - The Girls

Hotel Bar - The Boys

Hotel Lobby

Kardashian Store...Nope, didn't buy anything!!!

Funny Manequin with big boobs LOL
Pool Side...YAY...Sun!!
Another View
Lil John the rapper was in that black truck and nasty girls were running over and jumping in...and if they weren't nasty before..they were definitely NASTY after they got out...EWW!

Our Private Cabana that we had all day on the best/nicest day we were there.

The girls at the awards dinner for the hard working men who brought us there!!!