Lots of exciting stuff happening this week and it's only Tuesday!

Hello! Been a while since I updated so here I am. Still plugging away and putting in the time and energy. 5 weeks to go until Atlantic States...and then I think I might take a break for a while. I need to focus on running my personal training business and getting that to where I would like it to be. But, competing is in my blood so it won't be a long break...trust me!

So this week a lot of exciting things happened:

1) I was sent interview questions by Jimmy Smith to be highlighted on his website! That's exciting...so once that's up I will post up the link for everyone to see!

2) My latest interview is up on Fitness All Access. This interview with Jeff was after my last competition in NYC. You'll have to do a little searching but it should be under videos on the 2nd page and look for "Jennifer Nash 2009 NPC NY Metropolitan Championships."

3) I sent over a testimonial to Natural Synergy thanking them for the BCAAs I purchased from them early in my training and they wrote me back saying they were going to post my testimonial and my before and after pics on their on-line store's website as well as send me 10 bottles of BCAAs to help me continue my training!

4) Finally, I got invited by Tom Richardson to join the Tight Curves Team!!! WAHOO... That's some AWESOME news. Of course I am going to take the offer! That's so exciting. I think this might really help me...as well as keep in very good shape in the off season...especially since I will be representing a product and may also be working booths at shows and other events, so I will have to stay in shape. I will also get product through out the year to help me with my contest prep, (and to just remain healthy in the off season too.) I will also have a profile on their website. Once that is set up I will also share!!!

Besides that...I found that Body Sport Radio not only does the Fitness & Figure Talk radio with Terry and Elaine, but Terry does a show with Ana Tigre called The Fizeek Show and it's all about NPC competitors/shows/rules and not IFBB pros. HOW EXCITING!!! So, I've been listening to those shows the last day and a half. If you haven't heard and you compete amature or think you want to LISTEN TO IT. It's a wealth of info!

So, between all of the good news I've gotten...the new podcast I've found...oh, and also reading Tosta Reno's book "The Eat Clean Diet"...I'm super pumped and excited for training this week. Good thing too because sometimes it all gets too stale.

Time for a Tight Curves shake...have to take my chicken out of the oven...and head off to the gym...

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Mary M said...

WOW girl that is awesome!!! CONGRATS on everything!

Keep up the good work!

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Brenda said...

Congratulations, very awesome news!

Fitness Jenn said...

Thanks, ladies!