KAYAKING!!!!!! And my plans for the week...

Last year Ryan and I went kayaking for the first time and FELL IN LOVE WITH IT! So, what did we do? We bought kayaks! 4 to be exact!!! This way we can go out with friends! We just picked them up today so we HAD to try them out...lucky for us we only live about a quarter mile from the water so we carried them down, hopped in and took a ride! It stated to rain so we only stayed out for about 30 minutes...but between paddling and carrying the kayaks to and from the water...Id say it was a good 45-60 minute workout! (My forearms and triceps were BURNING from carrying them...my grip strength is CRAP!)

So...like I said in my last post...I'm 17 weeks out from Team U. I figured NOW is a good time to start my prep. As we all know organization is KEY...so I hope this little idea I have works and keeps me on task:

- I bought one of those huge desk calendars. I'm writing all of my workouts and meals for each day and posting the current month on the fridge so I have to look at it EVERYDAY and have NO question as to what it is I have to do...no guessing because it's in plain sight.

- My first 4 weeks of workouts are written as is my first 3 weeks of meals. Of course the meal plan will vary depending on if asparagus is on sale vs broccoli or tilapia is on sale vs chicken.

- Genie and I also have made a pact to text each other every morning (M-F) to make sure each of us is up and ready to go for AM workouts...I've been having a hard time getting up early, so I hope this helps!!! If anyone else is on East Coast Time and wants in on a 5:30am wake up call let us know and we can add you to the list!!!

It's been almost a year since I last competed...and since my "Confessions of a Secret Binge Eater...The Dark Side of Competition Dieting" blog entry...right now I'm READY to ROCK AND ROLL...my head is IN THE GAME! And I'm aiming for that PRO CARD! Thanks for following and CHEERING ME ON!

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