Did You Ever Make A Mistake That Ended Up Being Awesome?

I did!!! Tonight after my run I had no more chicken cooked and I was just SO HUNGRY I wanted something QUICK...I've been dying to try the Tight Curves Brownies...so I look up the recipe and see it only takes about 10 minutes...PERFECT! Brownies for dinner!?!? Who wouldn't?

So...I'm getting my eggs ready in my blender and open my first packet pour it in...open the second packet and pour that in...HEY WAIT A MINUTE...why is this packet so much DARKER than the other packet I just put in? Then I look at the package...OOPS! The first one was the Berry packet...

I also had another OOPS...the recipe recommended a 8inx8in pan and I had a 9inx9in so my pan wasn't quite full...no problem...I just added 3 more egg whites, 1 more whole egg, and one more CHOCOLATE protein packet...lightly coated my pan with coconut oil instead of non cook spray and cooked for 15 minutes...DELISH! I even added a little coconut oil to the top when they came out still WARM and it melted LIKE BUTTER! The only thing I might add next time is a packet or two of Truvia (which I had, but didn't think to add.)

Oh...and another thing...I had a small snack of a few rice cakes and peanut butter before my full body circuit workout...but after that I was scheduled to run 4 miles and I didn't have time to eat anything (nor did I want to if I was running that long!!!) So...I decided to pop 2 Top Secret instead...on the directions it says other than before meals you can take before a workout for added energy...HELLOOOOOOOO...it totally worked...I wasn't like running super fast (between a 5.0-5.7 on the treadmill), but the wall never kicked in (like it usually does around 20 mins into a run) and I felt GREAT the WHOLE 45 minutes...

I am a member of Team Tight Curves and you can be too!!! Just send me (or post below) your email address and I'll send you an invite! It doesn't cost ANYTHING to join and you get to save 25% on all products! I'll even share the promo code with you NOW: TCTM0709. Go to tightcurves.net to view and order products!

Day 2 of my contest prep is complete and was successful! I hope you are following your plans to achieve YOUR GOALS!

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