Hot Stone Massage....

OMG...did you ever have one!??! If not you DEFINITELY SHOULD! I have gotten many massages but this was a first today...and let me tell you it was LOVELY! (And I'm getting another one tomorrow...but for 90 minutes!!!!!!! Today was only 50min...HEAVEN!) Next time you need to reward yourself do this...and don't feel bad about it! Just remember "Jenn said to do it!"

It was part in celebration (of the news I still won't share until Friday! LOL) and part for recovery from working out.

K-I-L-L-E-D it in the gym tonight...maybe it was my music...maybe it was the Tight Curves Top Secret I took before I started...or maybe it was just my natural HIGH from all this good stuff going on around me? Probably a little of everything.

Here's my workout...

30 min run on treadmill = 3 miles


Triple Set 1: Assisted wide grip Pull Ups 10x + Op Arm/Op Leg Lift (over exercise ball) holding 2.5lbs in each hand 10x + Leg lifts for lower abs holding 10lb DB in feet 10x (Did this triple set 3 times)

Triple Set 2: Behind neck pull downs 15x + Sgl Arm DB Row 10x + Burpees holding 10lb dbs 10x (Did 3 times around)

Triple Set 3: Cable rows 10x + Renegade Row 10x + High Knee Running in place :30 sec (Did this 3 times around)

I was in and out in 60 minutes! I took NO BREAKS during my lifting and lucky for me I didn't have to wait for equipment. One thing I noticed about myself this time was I didn't put too much pressure on myself to lift so much...I mean I did try to lift heavy...but instead of getting in over my head I just moved down a plate or weight and kept it moving without feeling like a LOSER. I know I'll get my strength back up to where it was last time mid prep...it's just going to take TIME...and when I get my Con-Cret creatine product that should help with my rest, recovery, and strength in the gym.

Tomorrow I plan to run 45 mins and have gymnastics for a hour at night....whew! I am SPENT...off to sweet dreams for me...until tomorrow!!!