Technical Difficulties...and SAVE FITNESS NOW!

Back to a BORING template due to some technical difficulties! Apparently the fancy one wouldn't let you comment!

Anyway...VERY IMPORTANT NEWS!!! Please follow the blog SAVE FITNESS NOW and post it EVERYWHERE YOU CAN!!!

Some of you may (or may not) be members on siouxcountry.com...but there have been many posts lately regarding the lack of support of the IFBB/NPC Fitness division...(not from fans, but competitors themselves) because there have been a lack of entries into shows. Lack of entries mean promoters won't offer it and if promoters don't offer it OUR SPORT MIGHT DIE!

I AM A FITNESS COMPETITOR....anyone who reads or follows my blog knows this! (HELLO, it's the NAME of my blog! LOL)and I would REALLY like to go pro one day...I would also like to show up to a contest and compete against MORE THAN 1 or 2 other girls...I work JUST AS HARD and JUST as long as figure girls...and most figure divisions have 10+ girls!!!

In an effort to SAVE FITNESS, IFBB and NPC Fitness competitors (and the fans who love us!!!) have come together to campaign to SAVE OUR SPORT.

If ANYONE and I mean ANYONE has questions about fitness...would like to try fitness...or knows someone who would LOVE FITNESS please, please, PLEASE send them my way!!! I would be HAPPY TO HELP! No you don't need to do gymnastics...no you don't need to be a dancer...you just need to know how to HAVE FUN and ENTERTAIN!!!

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Mary M said...

I am here for you girl......let me know what you need me to do, or where to go and I will do it!!!!!!!!!!

I agree! I saw Adela Garcia's post on FB to have MORE fitness competitors COMPETE at the shows....I know she is on the wagon PIMPING it and SHE is a great person to help!

Fitness is a KEY element? Doesn't make sense why they would even consider not to offer!