108 Sun Salutations - And More Entertaining Yoga Stories

I've been doing ALOT of yoga lately...and WHO KNEW it could be SO HARD!?! I originally started going a few years back to get in some light stretching and to get rid of stress...and it was always great for that...but ever since I signed up for unlimited classes at the studio near me I've been trying all different kinds...

So, Saturday they had a 2 hour class which started with 108 Sun Salutations followed up with a gentle class after...if you are not familiar with yoga or sun salutations I'll explain to you the version we did (since there are many) You start standing...reach your arms above your head and bend back into a slight back bend then hinging from the hips swan dive down to a standing forward fold...come up half way...back down into the full froward fold...then hop feet back into a push up position...then lower down to the floor by doing a tricep push up (elbows tucked in close to body) then up into a cobra stretch...push back into a downward facing dog and hop feet back in to a standing forward fold then come up slow to standing with arms stretched above head returning hands to heat in prayer position... (whew!) and then go again...and again...and again until you complete 108 of them...in a row...(in simple terms...almost like doing a combo squat thrust with a tricep push up over and over again.)

Now, in yoga you are "not in competition" and can stop and rest at anytime or do only as many as you can...HAHA YEAH RIGHT..."F" THAT! I was going to do all freakin 108 of them if it KILLED ME! I am HAPPY to say it DID NOT KILL ME and I was one of two who kept up with the instructor and did ALL 108!!! I was SWEATING MY ASS OFF...and I was seriously sore in the morning...actually it's Monday and my hammies are STILL just as sore (maybe more) than any leg workout I've done!!!

I decide to return to yoga with a client/friend the next night for a easy class. Well, it was PACKED...and we were all sitting very close to one another...the lady in front of me, no lie, had her big NASTY THONG sticking out of her pants THE WHOLE CLASS and her ASS was like in my face the whole time since I was behind her!!!

THEN...the women sitting next to Krystal starts to FART in the middle of class...I swear like 3 or 4 times...I couldn't even look over at Krystal or I would LOSE IT and we would NEVER STOP LAUGHING...they probably would have kicked us out!!!

OMG...so THAT was my yoga weekend! HAHA!

15 week to TEAM U!!!


Anonymous said...

LOL! That's probably what I would do...poot!

Sylvia said...

FARTS are so funny! I love potty humour, farts and poo, get me goin' LOL!

Congrats on the 108!! I have a feeling I would make yoga competative too LOL!

Genie said...

Why'd ya post a pic of my ass? I keed, I keed!

You were killing it this morning! WOO!

Angela said...

Oh i would have been laughing my ass off! Congrats on the 108! I always say im going to take a yoga class and i never do! I do have some dvds though....

Becca said...

EW ew ew!! LOL!!

Ok, my first thought at that pic: WHAT ASS? Looks like skinny fat to the max with lack of booty if you ask me! LOL! Poor thing!

So, I'm trying to find a way to make Team U work, too!! Do you have a roomie yet?