Spring has Sprung...

March 20, 2010...the FIRST DAY OF SPRING...and it couldn't have been BETTER! I think we got close to 80 today here in NJ...I've been waiting ALL WINTER for this!

Today was a food shopping day...love shopping on the weekends and filling my fridge and cabinets with food for the week. I have lots of recipes I plan to try this week so I will share if they come out good!

We launched our other 2 kayaks today and took them for a ride...a LOOOOONG ride...I think we were out for like an hour and a half...and I don't know nautical miles...but in "regular drive the car" type miles we had to have done almost 5...Ryan and I were both exhausted after that! (Not to mention soaked!)

I plan to do my early wake ups this week with Genie again...as I am now 16 weeks out from Team U. I have ALOT of work to do to get there...but like my last post said...be consistent and trust the system!

Speaking of that...I have 2 clients who are 3 weeks out from their first shows. One is doing Bikini and the other is doing Master's Figure. They both have been consistent with the workouts and meal plans I gave them...and BOY DOES IT SHOW...I am so HAPPY and EXCITED for them and the progress they have made...I know in 3 weeks they will be so ready for stage!!!

Off to make some Protein Peanut Butter Balls courtesy of my friend Jen at Made Fit TV. You have GOT to check out her weekly episodes on health and fitness...very good quality and very entertaining!


Mary M said...

I LOVE to kayak...David tipped me over in one getting in it...we laughed...it was our first outing when we moved to Central, FL at a place called Crystal River and it is GORGEOUS here...we have to meet there one time! :)

Congrats on your clients chica...of course how could they NOT do amazing with YOU along their side....MS. Motivation!!!!!

Team U.....Good luck with that girl!

Enjoy your protein balls and yes Made Fit TV is great! I check it out often, too!

Dawn said...

Looks like everything is going great. I have tried a different version of the protein pb balls but I think I will try that one also. Thanks for sharing!

*ANA* said...

i cant even look up the peanut butter balls ill have withdrawls lol! it got taken away! but anyways glad you are doing! and we would love to see pics of your girls!!