Hot Shower...I Love You!!!

Success...Day 1 of Week 1 (out of 17 weeks) complete, and it was interesting. Woke up at 5:30am like Genie and I had planned to...and text her first thing...no text back...(until I found out later that she actually HAD text me, as did some other people, but my phone stopped accepting text, some time on FRIDAY and I am just finding this out now! WTF!!!)

Anyway...woke up and made my black coffee & breakfast of 2 slices of Ezekiel bread dry, 3 egg whites & 1 yolk...ate and made my way to 6:30am Yoga...how AWESOME...just me and one other girl there with the OWNER of the studio leading...almost like a private lesson for an hour from someone who has been practicing Yoga for like 20 years. AWESOME.

Came home with just enough time to email my boss the previous week’s sales numbers and get on a 30 minute conference call as I drove to train a client. Trained my client at 9am for a half hour then came home and ate meal 2 (Chicken, green beans and brown rice) then started making some phone calls for work (I love working from home...I didn't even get out of my sweats!)

After Meal 3 I was NOT looking forward to Meal 4...and after meal 4 I thought I was going to PUKE...I forgot what it was like to eat this way! (Not to mention last prep I did all of my working out in the AM so it was easy to eat my meals because I was STARVING!!! Today I didn't get to the gym for my 2 miles and legs/abs until AFTER Meal 4 around 5:45-6pm.)

So, this gym I signed up for...
Pro Body Fitness...the one that doesn't have contracts...yeah, it also doesn't really have any GIRLS...and I can't yet tell if the guys are looking at me like "WTF is that girl doing in here?" or if they are thinking "Holy Sh*t that girl knows what she is doing!" Either way I don't care because I'm there to do a job and not make friends or find a date...besides I know the owner (he use to be one of my clients when I sold radio advertising) so I'm sure if I have any problems I can just let him know...I doubt the guys will say anything to me...but I have NO PROBLEM telling them where to go if they do...if you know what I mean! LOL

Right now I am just looking forward to my HOT SHOWER and eating Meal 5. I have Meal 6 planned which is really not a meal...just a shake...and I think I might actually skip it...I don't think I need it...without it I'm still over 1500 calories, and I'm not hungry! SO, no sense forcing it.

Be back with an update tomorrow...

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