Video Shoot...

Today I am having my sister video chunks of my routine so I can send it to my coaches. This will be the first time I will get to see myself doing it (other than trying to sneak peeks in the mirror while doing it...but that's hard, especially when you are flipping around!)

It's VERY CHALLENGING...so I will probably film it in 3 sections. I hope it looks as good as Lishia thought it would look when she created it!

I am debating whether or not I will make the videos public. I might want to keep it a secret!!!

My Musical Inspiration today - Ozzy "I don't wanna stop." This song best describes me:

"All my life I've been over the top

I don't know what I'm doing,

All I know is I don't wanna stop

All fired up, I'm gonna go till I drop

You're either in or in the way

Don't make me, I don't wanna stop"

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