I think I'm losing my butt!!!

And I don't know if I like that! Of course I know my biggest "fat storage" area is my lower body...anyone who knows me knows that...but when you've had a butt your whole life and when it starts to get smaller...it's weird. This might sound a little funny...but if I try to "grab a handful" (LOL) it doesn't feel like my butt. HAHA..I'm serious. It's as if I am grabbing onto someone else's butt!!!

Ok, ok...so if I'm going to lose fat...and my fat storage is in my lower half it just makes sense that my butt will get smaller...it's just a weird feeling.

Tomorrow is 3 weeks out and I'm trying to remain calm. It's exciting, but I'm getting a little anxiety over it. I have to just remain focused and positive...the nervous-ness usually helps me the day of the show. It's like an explosion of energy through my whole body...as soon as the music starts for the routine the nervousness is instantly turned into a major adrenaline rush...and THANK GOD because it is that, that gets me through the routine!

I'll have to get back to you with my musical inspiration for the day later...I'm still thinking about it.

Until next time!


Genie said...

I'm losing my butt, too. :( WTF? I didn't have much to begin with. Waaaah. We can mourn our loss of booty together. lol!!

Are we gonna get progress pics or anything? I bet you look phenomenal! You are almost at the home stretch!! WOOOOO!

Fitness Jenn said...

Hey girl..losing the butt sucks...lol! My boyfriend sure thinks so!!!

I will maybe post progress pics soon...maybe a little video of my routine?!?!