It's 5:19am and I've been up since 5am. Saturday marked 3 weeks until the first competition. I had a good weekend...I videoed my routine and was able to SEE me do it other than trying to look in the mirror. I was impressed. I think it looks pretty good, for this stage in the game. If I just work it everyday as hard as I can I know I will smoke it the day of the show...because this little thing called adrenaline will kick in...God, how I love that!

I got my final 3 weeks from my coaches in terms of my training, but the diet is still the way we changed it after my little set back. It's ok. As long as it's not fish! LOL I know that my routine might be SOLID and rock the house, but if I come in stage in the swimsuit round looking like I just ate a box of donuts...I'm not going to get very far!

The next 3 weeks is all about tunnel vision. I actually learned that from my college track coach when I ran hurdles. He would always remind me not to be distracted as to what was going on around me, but focus on my goal, which is to get to the end of 10 hurdles FIRST...if I worrying about what the people next to me were doing, how could I focus 100% on myself. Great advice.

My musical inspiration today is not even music. I've been listening to Fitness, Figure, & Bikini Talk radio (which I get on iTunes, but can also be found on the BodySport Network.) Terry & Elaine Goodlad are an awesome husband and wife team that produce a GREAT podcast. I highly recommend it to any woman interested in this sport. There is no bodybuilding talk, it's all about fitness, figure (and now bikini.) They not only give the play by play of different contests (NPC & IFBB, so it's not ALL about the pros) but they have some of the BEST interviews with very inspirational people. Many current competitors, current & past champions, and others in the industry who don't compete, but have a great deal to say, like JM Manion. This radio show pumps me up in many ways. If I hear an interview with Jen Hendershott or Tracey Greenwood, I want to go and run my routine as hard as I can. But then there are other women they talk to, like Carla Sanchaez or Ana Tigre who built phenomenal businesses around being in this sport, and being a business owner myself it's VERY inspirational.

So, with that said...I better get a move on. I have a VERY BUSY day today working with clients, and I'm up early so I can get in my first round of cardio.

Until next time...

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