Still focused and ready to rock...

This week is looking pretty busy...and it's only Monday! I'm sticking to my plan...and there's no changing that.

Noticed today, however, that working out was a bit harder than usual...probably due to the diet changes, but I still pulled through like a champ. I worked some routine combinations today too, and I'm feeling confident. I love practicing routine stuff because 1) it's fun...and 2) people at the gym are so amazed! They are all very nice and supportive and always have something positive to say.

I also picked up a new client at the gym. A 14 year old girl who is over weight and is going to be training 4 days per week. I am SO EXCITED to work with her. I also have another 14 year old girl I am working with...and there is NOTHING more rewarding than helping a young girl find confidence to be who she is...and help educate her about being healthy and fit.

My Musical Inspiration today: Mission Impossible Theme Song

Not only because it's part of my routine music, but because even though it's "Mission IMPOSSIBLE" some how...some way it ALWAYS gets done...JUST like this whole pre-competition dieting and prepping process. It SEEMS impossible...but just like the movies says..."You're mission, should you chose to accept it..." I accepted...there's only one outcome...

Until next time!

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