Team Effort...

Today I met my sister at the gym for a workout. She also competes in fitness with me. Most of my prep for this upcoming season has been me, myself, and I. Sure, I've had support...but there's NOTHING like working out with someone. I feel like I get my BEST workouts when I am with someone...and there were only a handful of times I worked out with her. I think we may do that more often now, as she is 10 weeks out from her first show. (June 6th - NPC Atlantic States...which I will also be competing at.)

Today we played a cardio game that one of my coaches came up with. Check it out at her blog: Lishia Dean. It's hard, but SOOO fun. I think everyone in the gym thought we were NUTS! Haha...I love the reactions I get from people in the gym at the stuff I do. It's priceless. Most people can't even imagine ever training like that...and I kind of like the attention, even if it's weird looks and stares!

Sent pictures to my trainer today and he is happy with the progress I have made since the set back...and honestly, that makes me feel better too! I can't wait to compete. I know I will be very excited once I get my suit back designed...then I know it's almost time!

Well, I'm off to write up plans for clients as well as send off some e-mails.

Until next time...

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