2 1/2 weeks left....Yikes!

The next 2 1/2 weeks are going to FLY by...I just know it. I know I've had some set backs but I still am WAAAAYYY ahead from where I was last year, BY FAR. I should be getting my suit and fitness costume this week for a fitting, meeting with my trainer next week for a posing practice, and running my routine so much that I will be doing it in my sleep. I am actually really excited to perform it...I am DYING to hear the crowds reaction when I'm done! That's always awesome!

My goals the next two weeks is to STAY FOCUSED, PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE...and start to gather everything I will need the day of the show...make any necessary appointments, etc.

This might be TMI...but all I'm going to say is that...I lucked out again...the outta town visitor will be gone the week before the show...girls, I know you know what I'm talking about. How I manage to get so lucky is beyond me...but I hope it continues to happen that way all season long! LOL

Until next time...

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