Major loss today, it was a TOTAL surprise...

But, don't' get worried...it wasn't a person or a pet!!! LOL

I get on the scale this morning...BRIGHT AND EARLY...I think it was 5:30am...and to my wonderful surprise I was DOWN 7lbs from Saturday. Ok...let's be real here...I KNOW I didn't lose 7lbs of body fat in 3 days...BUT...even if it was some fat and some water...it was still a loss.

Sticking to the plan is WORKING...I should have done it all along! (But, I'm looking forward...so the past is the past!!)

I have always been the "Get it done girl." For some reason I put myself in these positions all the time (I even did it when I was in advertising sales)...where I wait until last minute to get things done. I have every intention at the beginning to give myself time, but it always ends up coming to the very end. I guess, maybe that's a good thing. I don't BREAK under pressure...I THRIVE under pressure. I'm still learning that maybe that's not the best way to do things...but it's all a learning process. I'll get there!

My Musical Inspiration today: Let the Bodies Hit the Floor - Rob Zombie

Because that's what I feel like after my workouts...LOL

Until next time...

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Genie said...

I think we have a lot in common. I do well under pressure, too, and I'm known to procrastinate then bust ass. It does make things a little more stressful... Oops! LOL! :)

AND WOW!! What a drop!! Keep up the great work!!!