Today was a little...weird...

Ok...so I forgot to take my fish oils today...and with the new diet changes...I'm not really getting in may carbs (well, no starchy carbs...) and let me tell you...it makes for an interesting day.

I think my brain didn't work as well! I felt weird all day...I don't know if it was like I was in "LaLa Land" or what...but I was not as sharp...I couldn't get my self together...my thoughts were all over the place...I was supposed to be at a client's house at 4:30 and for some reason I got home at 4, thinking I had a 1/2 hour before I had to leave to get there...only to realize at 4:40 that I was already 10 minutes late!!! Thank GOD I have awesome clients...and I called and he was totally ok with it. I got there late and we worked out...HARD...he did good!

Today I went to Kim (Klein)'s gym to work out since I was right near there. I thought it was going to amp me up...but in all honesty it didn't. I was a little disappointed by the experience...but, oh well...I did what I had to do, and I left. I was way more jacked up after my 20 minute phone conversation with Jen Hendershott on Sunday...and I didn't even get to see her!

Anyway...tomorrow is a new day...busy, busy, busy...but I'll be in the gym ALL DAY so getting my workouts done should be easy...(I love when I can get them done early!!!)

3 full days on the new diet...and still hot off of my pep talks with my coaches. Other than feeling funny...I'm still ready to ROCK!

Musical Inspiration for today: Untouched by The Veronicas
Ok...maybe this sounds like a weird choice for musical inspiration, but I'm interpreting it as me having a conversation with myself...if that makes any sense...It's "Normal, everyday Jenn" talking to "Competition ready, in season, athlete, Jenn" :-)

Oh yeah...Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Until next time...

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