Rainy Sunday Here in Jersey

Good morning! Today I am going to a gym up north with my boyfriend. He is a boxer and is considering going pro. Must be nice to just DECIDE to go pro!!! He works very hard, so I can not and will not take ANYTHING away from him...but, I've learned alot about boxing since dating him, and apparently you can just decide to go Pro when ever you want. MUCH different than this fitness/figure/bodybuilding sport!!!

It's nice to go to a different gym every once in a while to change up the atmosphere and spice things up, ya know? Last time we went I was the only one lifting and everyone else was there for sparring so NO WAITING FOR EQUIPMENT! Yippee!

So, I got my new plans for lifting/cardio yesterday and Lishia really gave it to me. So my loud mouth telling everyone how I can run at 9.0 is being put to the test! Lots of fast running and hill running this time around. Even a TRACK WORKOUT! AWESOME!!!!!!

On Friday me and 3 of my class girls ran the Manasquan Reservoir (5 miles.) They thought were were going to go for a "leisurely run" LMAO...FAT CHANCE...(and actually that's more if what they were HOPING for...but know it was too good to be true!!!) So here is what we did:

10 mins jog to warm up
3 minute PICK UP THE PACE!
8 min jog break
3 minute PICK UP THE PACE!
6 min jog break
3 minute PICK UP THE PACE!
10 min jog break
2 minute PICK UP THE PACE!
Jog to the end

After about 5-10 minutes at the "finish line" while we were all stretching and talking (about food...LOL MMMM Protein Pancakes!) I actually said "Wow, I feel great...like I can do that 5 mile run again." And...that's when they all were like..."well, we will see you tomorrow at Kickboxing, have fun with that!"


No, I didn't actually run it again! LOL

Ok, time to pack up my food and get ready to rumble (haha, see the boxing reference in there LOL) and wake Ryan up so he can get ready to go too.

I will report back later...have a good SUNDAY!

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Brenda said...

Hey, let me know if you want to meet up anywhere for running during the weekdays. The Brick Reservoir has a 1.7 mile walking/running path & I'm looking for some other spots too run outside.