Run til it HURTS - Or til you puke...

I didn't really hurt or puke...but this is the hardest cardio challenge I'm posting to date. Please let me know if you tried it and how you made out! If you are on my Facebook you may have already seen this since I posted it there this morning as well. GOOD LUCK!

Have a puke bucket ready for this one...you might need it!

5 minute warm up walk - Incline 5.0 Speed 3.5

Then put the incline to 0 and do this:

Speed 9.0 - 5mins

Speed 8.0 - 6 mins

Speed 7.0 - 7mins

Speed 6.0 - 8 mins

Speed 3.5 - 4 mins

Speed 5.0 - 5 mins

Speed 6.0 - 4 mins

Speed 7.0 - 3 mins

Speed 8.0 - 2 mins

Speed 9.0 - 1 mins

Speed 3.0 - 1 mins

Speed 4.0 - 2 mins

Speed 5.0 - 3 mins

Speed 6.0 - 4 mins

Walk 3-5 mins cool down and then you're DONE!


Until Next Time...


Mary M said...

Dang girl....you ran 5 minutes at 9!!?!?!?!!?
And then kept running....whoot whoot!!!!

Hail to the QUEEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Great job!

Kim said...

not without burning up a lot of hard earned muscle... 5 min at 9mph... hell I'd be off the back end of the treadmill :o)

April said...

I just puked reading that!

*ANA* said...

wow. i can only run at 9. for 1 minute maybebbbbb 2 how the heck you do that!!!???

Fitness Jenn said...

Hi Ladies...Yes...I REALLY did this!

I wasn't in a good mood that day...and I honestly have my BEST workouts when I am pissed. So, I went into the gym thinking "I don't care how bad it hurts I want to just run and RUN HARD"

I was only going to start out running at 9.0 for a minute or two but after that long I still felt great so I just kept running!!! Just like Forrest Gump...LOL

Kim - I hear ya about burning off muscle...but I'm one of those people who have NO problem putting it on...so I can run, run, run! :-)