Sunday & Monday Workouts

Sooo...started the week off with some hard and heavy lifts. I feel so strong lately....both in my runs and in my lifts. I love it! So update form yesterday...

DEFINITELY would recommend this gym if you are visiting or live in the area. It's brand new...excellent strength equipment (Cybex) and lots of cardio (Precor) and best of all it's so clean, you can practically eat off the floors...I am not even joking.

Again, I was one of the only few people lifting so no wait for the equipment...while Ryan did his thing in the ring...they had 2 rings going with sparring. (BTW, he did awesome with out head gear...getting ready for the pros!!!) I did get lots of looks from the people there and even complimented by many of the guys there. I guess training like we do...it's pretty impressive...they are probably not sure to seeing girls train like that!

So, I lifted chest. Lots of pushup variations...(I love pushups) DB presses, flys and cable flys (I love cable flys too because you can REALLY see your chest, arm, and shoulder muscles working...so cool. I was at 40lbs each side for 10x - 4 sets)

Ran a little of my routine, but hurt my butt...lol...not bad, but enough to bother me the rest of the day and a little today. It's the top part of the right side, so at least it's not where the hamstring ties in...that would be a nightmare.

Today was back...and I don't know if I've said this in past posts...but I love lifting back because I can go heavy. This is where the problem with grip comes in though...I can probably lift heavier if my grip could handle it...man, I guess I really need to just get some straps!!! I got up to 70lbs barbell for bent over row reverse grip...and that was my last set. I first did 40lbs - 15x then 50lbs - 15x then 60lbs - 15x, and finally 70lbs - 15x. I think I could have probably started at 50 and got up to 80lbs...I'll try that for next time.

DB deadlifts I started at 35lbs each hand for 10x and by the 4th set I was up to 50lbs each hand. (now THAT was hard!)

Between today's back workout and yesterday I had to do burpee/pushups with 15lbs DB I know my back is going to be killing me fora few days (I already feel it)...so I think I might try to get in for a massage for today and/or tomorrow...

Still have to get my runs in today...but that'll be a little later...I think I'm going to do them outside.

I guess that's it for now. If you end up going to Final Round Boxing & Fitness Center please tell them Jenn Nash (Ryan Mick's girlfriend) sent you there!

Until next time...

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Brenda said...

You're my hero!! I want to do what you do!!