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You ladies thought I was nuts for running at 9.0 for 5 minutes, right??? Well today I HAD to do it...I had to either go farther, longer, or faster...it HAD to be done. Today was a great accomplishment...

I started out my cardio with a 3.5 minute walk on a 5% incline...my typical warm up. Than I decided I was going to do 1 mile repeats. I have not done this since high school cross country and after training soooo hard in my adult years, I wanted to see how strong I really am now.

First Mile = 6:47 (I ran at 9.0 the whole way)
5 minute break
Second Mile = 6:45 (I ran at 9.0 the whole way...but I must have started sooner than the first time which is why I shaved 2 seconds off)
5 minute break
Third Mile = 6:45 (again I ran at 9.0 the whole time)

I only came close to MAYBE puking once...on the last run...some where around 5:45. I kept telling myself that I was either going to puke while running,wait until my legs gave out and fall off the treadmill, or just suck it up and finish. I was NOT SLOWING DOWN FOR ANYTHING.

I kept thinking...sh*t...I have been competing for 3 years. This last run represents this year. Am I going to slow the speed down on the treadmill the last minute because I am tired? F!*% NO!!! Even if I don't win a show this year in NY, or go to nationals...or even get my pro card...at least I know I WORKED MY ASS OFF. And I doubt there are many other competitors who can run like me!!!

After this week, I decided to run 5ks this summer. Actually, to be honest I just want to keep running in the off season so I can eat carbs...LOL and not get fat...HAHA.

If anyone is up for a run and you live near me...let me know!!!


Until next time...


Ali said...

Congrats! No joke, that is some serious s*#t and you should feel some major pride for taking it to ANOTHER level. You are a track rockstar as much as you are a fitness rock star. WOHOOO! I am impressed, bowing down in awe, motivated, inspired, all of it. I'm with you on the running, although I am not close enough and I run a tad slower (lol)... I can't wait to see how you do in NY (hoping to be there cheering you on). ENJOY! Alison

Brenda said...

WOW! That's incredible Jenn! You give me such motivation to keep going and give it a little more each time. Let me know what 5K's your running, I'll run with you. I'm ready to go harder, faster and longer!!!

Mary M said...



Fitness Jenn said...

THANKS LADIES!!! It's nice to be able to share my accomplishments with such nice and caring and supportive females!

You ladies ROCK and I LOVE that we support eachother!

Genie said...

You are a MACHINE!!!

I think it takes me like 10-15:00 to run a mile. Don't ask me to run anything over 400m, but I could kill that under a minute... or I could in high school. Now you make me want to try.

I LOVE how hard you work! It's so dang inspiration, and it makes me want to go out there and push myself harder! Thanks for that! :)

Now excuse me while I go stuff myself with some more carbs. hehehe (KIDDING!)

Lishia Dean said...

So proud of you Jenn! Keep rocking out, 3 more weeks! LISHIA DEAN

Angela said...

WOW! 9 for a mile???? OMG! I can do a minute the most! That is incredible!!!

Keep on motivating me!!! You are great!!!