Update from yesterday & Today's Plans

So, I never made it back on yesterday to update with workouts and the rest of my meals.

I am not quite back on the calorie counting wagon yet...but alot of the theories I've read on clean eating, you don't really HAVE to....plus I'm not going to make myself NUTS. I figure give myself maybe another month or two before I start worrying about counting...either that or judge by the weight on the scale and the way the clothes fit...if things don't start to feel lose or if the number on the scale doesn't go down...then maybe I'll start counting before that...anyway, back to the point of this post...

In addition to my eggs whites, turkey bacon and cottage cheese concoction in the morning, I enjoyed some home made chicken and veggie soup (made by ME!) as well as cucumber salad (just cucumber and some Italian dressing), some walnuts, a DELISH protein shake after the gym (Vanilla protein, water, ice, Greek yogurt, banana, blueberries, and Chocolate PB2) and Chicken with tomato, mango, and sesame seeds (made by ME!) for dinner. I also snacked on this spinach/egg/cheese thing I baked the other day...and then since I didn't really have any "bad" carbs all day I gave in to oatmeal with cinnamon and raisins (not pre-packaged), a few blue chips with sprinkled reduced fat cheese melted, and a Kashi granola bar towards the end of the day. I know I said I wasn't counting...and I'm not being specific...but I did figure out an estimate...and even with erring on the high side (just in case) it was definitely under 2000 calories...which is fine since my Body Bugg said I burned 2624 yesterday in total...so I don't feel like I over ate.

On to yesterday's work out:

First I did my cardio

- 6 mins of a brisk warm up walk (4.0 on the treadmill...I have short legs! So this is brisk for me!!!) Then I did.

-60 seconds of running at 6.0

-90 seconds of walking at 3.8

I repeated the above for 20 minutes for a total of 26 minutes of cardio before my full body circuit. You really DO sweat alot during interval cardio work. Even with the walk I was sweating quite a bit...and the Body Bugg got me up to 8.2 calories per minute burned...which sometimes when I would do steady running I would only get to 10 cals/min so this isn't bad!

After the run/walk cardio I did the following circuit (and I am already feeling it today! Feels good!)

- Step Lunges - 15x each leg with 15lb DBs

- Boxer - 15x each arm with 5lb DBs (click on the word to see what that is...hard to describe in words)

- Isometric Lat Shoulder Hold - :30 seconds each side using the Black resistance band

- Seated Concentration Curls - 15x each arm with 15lb DB

- Standing Overhead Tri Ext - 15x with 30lb DB

- Bench Press - 15x with 65lbs

- Bridges - 15x no weight

- Basic Crunch - 15x no weight

- Crunch with a twist - 15x each side no weight

- Prone Back Ext (aka "hyper extensions") - 15x no weight

I moved from one exercise to the next without rest...I completed the circuit 3x around. I only rested about :30-:60 after each full circuit. After the cardio the calories burned per minute came down a bit, but was still well over 5 calories per minute during the circuit work.

Today it's rainy...I think the actual rain may have stopped...hopefully for good today! I was planning on doing a speed running workout...and I'd rather NOT do it on a treadmill. I also am planning on doing a jump rope workout as well as lots of stretching, mobility movements, and foam rolling. Will let you know how that all turns out later today or tomorrow...

Not gonna lie....I had clients early this morning and stopped for an energy drink (sugar free) and also grabbed a butter roll at 7-11...I KNOW!!! NOTHING NUTRITIOUS involved...that's one thing I HATE about NJ - BUTTERED ROLLS...they're so bad for you, but so good too! After that confession, I should go and take the puppy for his walk so I can burn off that mistake from this morning...

Be back to update soon!!!

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