Back after a short break...

It's been over a week (I think) since I last wrote. Thank you to everyone who read my blog and a big hug out there to everyone who commented. I am back and ready to update what has gone on in the past week or two as well as tell my plans for the future.

Playing Catch Up

So, I went to the competition I was supposed to compete in this past Saturday. My sister competed fitness and placed 3rd out of 6 girls. I am SO PROUD of her...and proud of myself because I am the one who trained her! She came in looking the best she ever has, and she is EXCITED to compete again in a few weeks. Below is a photo of her from last year in season and then this year. What do ya think!?!

To be perfectly honest, I ate as many carbs and sugars, and fats as I wanted over the past 2 weeks with out tracking or moderation. I barely made it to the gym, had an occasional walk in the morning (30-45 mins) and slept in and took naps. I told myself this was ok because I was "dieting" for basically 6 months and hitting the gym HARD. Did my body need all that sugar and garbage? No....but it definitely needed the rest. 2 bad effects I had from doing this: 1) SEVERELY SWOLLEN legs...mostly my ankles. No pain...but I knew right away it was from going from SUPER CLEAN eating to SUPER GARBAGE eating. I didn't panic, although it was depressing to look at. Happy to say no more swelling!!! 2) Very, very, VERY tired almost everyday. Again, another effect from refined sugars and processed foods, as well as not getting my body up and moving at the gym. There were a few times I sat and tried to figure out what new program I wanted to do...and each time I tried to start...it lasted for a day and I was right back to allowing myself to rest and eat with out tracking. I think mentally I wasn't ready to start another program. I do know, however, that I NEED to be on SOME KIND of program. It makes day to day much easier knowing what you have to do, accomplish, eat, etc. Without having a plan it's just a disaster....a complete out of control mess. I am done being a mess! It's such DRAMA and I hate drama!!

My plans

1) My boyfriend bought me a Body Bugg for Christmas so I plan to put that to great use now that I am not on a competition diet and training program. I think knowing my calorie output on a daily basis will help me adjust my calorie intake. Move less, eat less...move more, eat more. I don't plan to eat in a surplus or even at maintenance, but a small deficit...nothing crazy, but enough to help me get back to what I would like to see in a bikini...not a competition bikini...just a regular old "I'm going to the beach" bikini. I'm still holding alot of water from eating like crap this past 2 weeks.

2) Continue to take weekly pictures. This is something I think I need to keep doing. After a few weeks, I'll probably share them here on my blog. I am (as we all are to ourselves) my BIGGEST critic. I will always think I look like crap, but when I can go back and see pictures side by side, it will (hopefully) snap me back into reality.

3) Track my weight and measurements. This one will be for me to spot trends. The measuring will be a bit tricky because I will need someone to help with the tape measure, but weighing everyday shouldn't be a problem. I think I'll measure every 2 weeks....maybe more if it shows on the scale.

4) Update my blog everyday (or every other day) with my successes, my struggles, my good days and bad days to tell you what workouts I did and what my meal plans looked like, etc.

WOW...so I think that's all for now. It's almost 3pm and I need to go pick up my puppy from "grandma's" and bring him home to see "daddy" lol. Besides, I have lots of planning to do, so I can start to update you all with my progress. I hope I can help out many of you who are having the same problems! Please continue to keep in touch...and feel free to reach out to me via e-mail!
Have a great day and week...it's HUMP DAY!!!


Brenda said...

I am with you in that I benefit from being on a program. Planning my exercise and meals works much better for me than just winging it day to day. Oh, and I'll measure you if you measure me!

*ANA* said...

sounds like a plan i look foward to reading your progress!

Ali said...

Hey Girl, I like the plan and I agree, structure of any sort is good. I have a bodybugg too and I find it great for tracking and keeping it real. And finally, your sister looks great and clearly, you did a fantastic job on coaching her as she made some major improvements in just a year. You SHOULD feel proud. Enjoy the week!

Bianca Jade said...

Good to hear you're getting back on track..or a new track. Your blog is interesting :)