The first 12 weeks start TODAY!

Ok...don't get excited...I'm not talking about my diet! LOL

This week I am 22 weeks out from the NJ Half Marathon that I plan on running Sunday, May 2, 2010!!!

I plan on training in 2 segments...the first part will be 12 weeks...and then the second part will be 10 weeks. The first 12 weeks I will be following a "Novice" half marathon training program. The next 10 weeks I will jump into an "Intermediate" half marathon training program.

I will begin my fitness competition prep (diet) when I start the 10 week training program. With this first 12 weeks, I hope to be down about 10-12 lbs from now so that when I start dieting around Feb 28th I won't have much more to lose (maybe only 5-7lbs more...considering Feb 28th is 20 weeks out from Team U 2010!!!)

Tonight is day 1 of Half Marathon Training and get this...it's not even running!! My first running day is tomorrow! Haha...today is strength and stretching...ha! I can certainly handle that!

I should be blogging more now that I'll have something specific to write about.

Until next time!!!!!!!

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