O - M - G!!!

Lots of OMGs! First...I haven't written since 11/8/09! WHAT!!!!!! It's almost December...man I need to keep up....what the heck!

Second OMG...TEAM U MOVED TO JULY!!!!!!!!!!!! AND NJ!!!!!!!!!!! Ok...so my 365 plan just go cut short by 2 months...but it's ok...I can handle it...I already counted back and I have plenty of time to prepare. I still have my goal of running that half marathon...so training will be FINE! Just gotta get back on those routine tricks ASAP! Yoga...ASAP! Eating clean ASA...wait...I'm not eating BAD...but it IS the holidays...and I want all the goodies! Seriously though...Feb 28th is 20 weeks out from Team U...I marked it on my calendar so I know when to start...that means 14 more weeks of "freedom"...but Team U is just 6 weeks AFTER my sister's wedding...hmmmm...wonder if I'll still be allowed a cheat meal that close??? Oh, well...we'll see!

Third OMG...MARY IS COMPETING AT THE ARNOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is OMGx10!!! PLEASE cheer her on the next 15 weeks...(even though, I think most of you follow her blog and cheer her on already!)

Ok...I was kindly "tagged" in a list of 10 truths by my friend Genie (You may know her! LOL) and I promised I would follow though! Here it goes:

1) With the exception of my standing back hand spring and my full twisting back flip...I taught myself all of the gymnastics I know on the playground or on my front lawn in 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th grade. No mat...no spotter...just a crazy and determined 8 year old...haha

2) I have a black belt in Isshinryu Karate...I don't like to tell people...but my boyfriends always does. It's one of those things people don't REALLY need to know...plus it looks like bragging or something...and I only brag to close friends and family...I consider my blogger friends close...so there...I just bragged...lol

3) My YOUNGER sister (by 5 years) is getting married BEFORE me.

4) I'm only 28 and I'm on my 4th car (is that alot?) I bought my first one with baby sitting money...it was a used 1987 red Hyundai Excel with NO AIR and power NOTHING...the second was a gift from my parent for high school graduation because I got academic and athletic scholarships to college...it was a brand new white Daewoo Hatchback...the 3rd one I bought because my 2nd one died after only 4 years and I bought it on my own with no co-signer...it was a tan Cavalier...and my 4th car I bought...on my own again...because the Cavalier had over 100,000 miles on it and I didn't feel like fixing anything, so I just went and bought a new one! LOL this one is a Blue Hyundai Accent Hatchback.

5) (Wow...I'm only on 5...have you actually read this far?) As I get older I get more and more motion sick on rides...as a kid I could go on roller coasters all day long...now if I look at one too long I get nauseous!

6) I love to melt mini marshmallows and peanut butter together in the microwave and put it on Ritz crackers (the clean up is a MESS, btw if you go and try it!)

7) I didn't have my first alcoholic drink until AFTER college when I was 23.

8) I LOVE Nutella and can probably eat the whole jar with a spoon...but probably shouldn't.

9) My first job was at Papa John's when I was 16 and I worked on the ovens because I was the fastest even though I wasn't really allowed to because I wasn't 18.

10) I hooked up my cousin Joey with my roommate Marisa and now they are married and have a cute little girl, Sophia...just call me MATCH MAKER!

I think I'm supposed to tag 7 people...hopefully you weren't tagged already!!!

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Ali said...

Hey Jenn! I am so excited about Team U being sooner and in NJ. I will definitely be there to cheer you on girl!!! I wanted to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving.. haven't been on the blog in a while but just cathing up. Go MARY!!!!!!!!!!!!