The past week...

This is a catch up post! So, last week I was on a MISSION to run as much as I could...once I finished day 3 I was DEAD! I would have kept running anyway, but I had to go to PA for my Great Uncle's funeral and we stayed over night...no time to run with such a tight schedule, no gym, and not knowing the area (there were no..and I mean NO sidewalks or shoulders to the roads...I didn't want to end up ROAD KILL!!) I meant to run on Fri, but didn't ::sad face:: Honestly, no good excuse for it! But here is what my week looked like:

Sunday 11/1- 4.25 miles (treadmill)

Monday 11/2- 3.75 miles (treadmill)

Tuesday 11/3- 2.5 miles (treadmill) and full body weight workout

Wednesday 11/4 - Off

Thursday 11/5 - Off

Fri 11/6 - Off

Sat 11/7 - around 4 miles (outside) and full body weight workout

Sunday 11/8 - around 4 miles (out side)

On a non workout related note...got a holiday job at Esprit...it's seasonal for right now...but I have more time on my hands lately...and who couldn't use extra cash!?! I get a great discount...so I can't wait to go shopping!!! :-)

What has everyone else been up to last week?


Mary M said...

Hey good for you girl! Work with a perk!
I would love to work at Buckle or BeBe! But I would never get a paycheck!

Thanks as always for your kind words!

I am totally digging the TGFM! LOL!


Mauricio said...

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