So, yesterday was day 1 of my first 12 week training for the half marathon...Day 1 = Strength and Stretching. Man...I was so mentally ready to just RUN...

But, I did what I was told...and did the following:

Push ups (10-1)
Unassisted Dip (10-1)
Full Sit Up (10-1)
Reverse Crunch (10-1)

Set 1 = 10 push ups, 10 unassisted dips, 10 full sit ups, and 10 reverse crunches
Set 2 = 9 push ups, 9 unassisted dips, 9 full sit ups, and 9 reverse crunches

I think you see the pattern...it ends up being 55 of everything: 55 push ups, 55 dips, 55 sit ups, and 55 reverse crunch.

My chest is so sore and so are the front part of my shoulders...I would bet from the unassisted dip...I kinda felt it, even during the workout...gotta get back into the swing of things!

Today is just 3 miles...simple...I'll report back with my time. Probably nothing too fast right now...

Until next time...


Genie said...

OOH! That looks fun! I might try it later in the week! :)

Minus the dips part... can't do those in my home gym! LOL!

Mary M said...

YOU go girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

miracle said...

hi my name is miracle. i recently came across ur blog and am so interested. I have always wanted to compete and you look so amazing! do you have any tips for me? I want to try out for an amature show in May but i am not really sure how to go about it. any advice would be appriciated. thanks in advance