New Idea!!!!

So, I have this new and exciting (well, exciting to me!!!) idea for my next blog post! This is just a teaser!!! I have to work on it a bit...but will post soon!!!!

In the mean time...today was bi's, tri's, shoulders, and cardio....went with Brenda...and we did awesome!!! Working in cardio in between super, triple, and/or monster sets makes a WORLD of difference...I mean you REALLY feel it. Then tacking on another 30 minutes of interval cardio after....I think it's working for us...we will see in a week or two...I think the girls are changing and feeling (and seeing) a difference in themselves...

How's everyone else getting along???

Until next time!


Mary M said...

Getting along great girl...so such a tease you are new idea and we have to WAIT.....WTH?!?!?!
Had a killer leg workout tonight, hubby trained me and he is ROUGH! NO skimping!
Have a GREAT week girlfriend!

Brenda said...

Today was great, and yes Jenn I am feeling a big difference in my body. I love that feeling! I am, however, feeling now that I could have pushed myself a little bit more. See you tomorrow!

Fitness Jenn said...

Ask and you shall receive, Brenda! You know this!!!

Killer legs Mary??? Gotta love leg days! Mine is tomorrow!!! :-)