10 weeks out!

Today I came to my blog and found out that 2 of my clients have either updated or started a blog to write about their journey to the stage. I am so excited and hope that you all follow them and support them like you did to me...you ladies are the best and really make the journey that much easier when times get tough!

One is a Bikini Competitor, Shannon. Her blog is: http://shan-wow.blogspot.com/

The other, Brenda, hopes to compete in Body Building, (but may start off in figure.) Her blog is: http://www.brendagetinfit.blogspot.com/

I told them that I would also keep updating my blog since we all plan to compete in November for Eastern USAs in NYC.

If it goes MY way all 5 of us (pictured) will be ready and on stage!

Until next time!


*ANA* said...

i will follow! girl you need to post more often!!! i tried a few of your workouts when you posted last time they were awesome!!!! really kicked my butt!

Mary M said...

WOW! How exciting for you and the girls! The VERY best of luck to everyone!!!!!!

One day I hope we cross the stage together too!

ROCK it out girl!!!!!

Genie said...

AWESOME! You know I will follow. ;)