New Year...Can we try this again?

Dusting off the old blog to update. I forgot how much I miss posting and meeting new friends on here!

So, after a year and a half I FINALLY have my mind right. In the past 18 months I must have tried to get back on the competition diet wagon 4-5 times with no success. I'm not going to make excuses because I don't have any...other than I wasn't ready to commit.

I started taking kickboxing and jiu jitsu and met some new gal pals. We all have been talking health and fitness for a few weeks now, and right after Christmas I felt like I was ready to start again. My last weekend of eats and drinks was 1/1/11-1/2/11. Monday 1/3/11 was Day 1 and I have not looked back...

A few things I noticed about myself this time around. I didn't freak out when I ran out of the protein shake I wrote into my diet...instead I just subbed in another one. When I slept through my alarm today (Day 4) and missed AM cardio I did not let the rest of my day go to shit. I still packed my meals...and drank my water...in fact it's 5pm and I only have 20oz to go to reach my gallon.

I did experience some "detox" type symptoms...like feeling yucky and having headaches in the morning...but I know it's my body telling me I should eat sugar...I just ignored it and kept it movin'. Today (Day 4) was the first day I did not have the headaches....so I think the worst (for now) is over. I'm sure some day soon in the future will be a craving for something, but right now I'm going strong.

I hope you peeps continue to follow my journey to the competition stage this year. I love the comments and support. Have a healthy day!

xo- Jenn - xo


Anonymous said...

I feel you on the sugar withdrawal! I am going through the same thing this week! I can't say my body (or mind) is completely over it, but the dessert gum from Extra seems to help! Good Luck! I am right there with you! I will be competing in my FIRST show May 21st!

Dee Dee Knight said...

happy to see you are back to posting Jen!

Genie said...

Get it, girl!! WOO HOO!

Fitness Jenn said...
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Fitness Jenn said...

@karatenurse...YES, the dessert gum is good! What kind of karate do you practice?

@DeeDee...thanks girl!

@Genie...Woooo Hooo!