Day Two of Week Two Recap

Good Morning Blogger friends! Here I am...Day Two of Week Two in this competition prep. I just thought I would recap how the last week went...what I learned...and my next set of small goals going forward.

Last time around doing this I had all the time in the world to workout because I was basically in the gym all the time personal training full time. Now that I am back to work in the corporate world...it's alot harder to get those workouts in. Last week I planned out my workouts...and I only completed 4 of them...instead of getting frustrated and upset and giving the whole thing up my goal for this week is to get 5 workouts in. For me, diet is always the hardest part of my competition prep mentally...so right now I am focusing on hitting that 100%...I know my intensity will always be there for my workouts...no matter if I get them in 4 days a week or 7 days. The only thing I am nervous about with my training this time is that my fitness routine is pretty hard and I will need ALOT of cardio and muscle endurance to get through it...so I need to get in those type of workouts to prepare my body for 2 minutes of intense non stop movement. I suppose it's only the beginning of week two so I have time.

I also have not taken beginning pics to track my progress...I guess that antother goal for this week.

I hurt my elbow a little in Jiu Jitsu last night so that might set me back a few days because really any movement where I have to bend it I feel it. It's not BAD but I know if I put too much weight it may not heal as quickly...so that means no shoulders, chest, or tris...I may be able to still do back and bis...but maybe for the next few days I just hit cardio, legs, and plyos pretty hard. I may have to stop going "Live" at jiu jitsu if I feel there is too much risk in getting injured. But, no sense jumping the gun right now...I'll just take it day by day and week by week.

What I have always known but am finally accepting is that this process is more like a marathon than a sprint...and if I can just keep that in my head and continue to be patient everything will fall into place just the way it's supposed to.

Have a great week! Stay tuned for next week's update!


Keelie Sheridan said...

I'm at day 2 of week 2 as well! This is my first time, though.

Diet has been the hardest part for me, too...

Best of luck with your prep!

Lisa said...

I'm day 2 week 3! Fun watching everyone else go through this new. Learn something new all the time. Good luck. I hope your injury feels better soon. I pulled a muscle in my lower abs and it's more aggravating than anything.

Fitness Jenn said...

Hi Girls! Thanks for commenting and good luck to you both as well!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad I found your blog! I can appreciate the corporate job thing. Even thought I'm not a competitor just getting workouts in are hard with a 50+ hour job.

Good luck to you! I'm following your blog so I can keep up to date.


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