My body is tired from the inside out...does that make sense?

Ok...so I started the "new" old job yesterday and I still feel just as happy and excited as I did when the position was offered back to me. I'm just waiting to be hooked up with the computer log in and email and I'm all set!

A bit of news: This Saturday is the NPC Suburban and I have 2 clients competing. I am SO EXCITED for both of them! They both followed their workouts plans and meal plans and now they get to show EVERYONE their HARD WORK! I'm going to be like a proud mom HAHA!
My workouts have been PRETTY intense the last 2 days...and I mean INTENSE. I no longer have 2-3 hours in the gym anymore like last prep to get it done so I have to GET IN AND GET OUT...my workouts have been SUPER efficient and I like it that way...60 minutes...DONE (both cardio AND weights.) The last 2 nights after the gym I was STILL feeling the complete ASS KICKING I gave myself for hours after coming home...have you ever felt like that? I take NO breaks between my triple sets AT ALL...I just go, go, go, go and get done in 30 minutes...then I go RIGHT to the treadmill and run for 30 minutes. It's seriously almost like 60 minutes of cardio since I am movin' from one thing to the next and even have plyos added in the mix.

Monday was Hamstrings/Glutes/Calfs/Plyos + 30 min run (I also did 30 min run in the morning outside)

Today was Chest/Plyos + 30 min run (and I also did a 20 minute yoga "On Demand" this morning, which SUCKED BTW...I'll have to do a different one next time...so glad that have like a million to choose from!)

Tomorrow is Bis/Tris/Shoulders (I'm sure I worked plyos in there somewhere) + 30 min run.

Thursday is 45 min Run + Gymnastics

I'm guessing Friday is Back/Abs but I don't have my workout schedule in front of me.

Started taking the Con-Cret creatine and it's only been 2 days so I don't want to say anything just yet. I'll give you a report after about a week of taking it.

This past Sat we went to watch the IFBB Pro Fitness/NPC Mets. There were actually 4 amature fitness girls...WTF!?! Why can't there be that many when I compete! Geesh...I want to compete against more than 1 or 2 people! And I'm going to be perfectly honest their routines were not impressive...but that is JUST MY OPINION! I am a bit of a SNOB when it comes to routines. I know my strength is my routine and my physique is my challenge. I was like...DAMN I should have been up there...but shoulda, coulda, woulda, I wasn't...BUT it AMPED me up for staying STRONG on my prep and working really hard in the gym and on my routine.

How was everyone's Easter? Mine was great! Well...sleep is calling and I must answer!



Becca said...

No rest between sets? I feel like I am in and out - but I can't get a really good workout in less than about 45 mins...(rests included though!) That is fun about the fitness routines too - I would seriously love to see some more fitness girls - it's the best part of going to a show!

Anyway - kudos to you for training your clients! I felt like a proud mama when our girl won the overall in figure this past weekend at our local show. It totally took me back to my first show jitters, which was only a year ago. I loved it.

Good luck to them this weekend and congrats again on the new-old job. LOL xo Bec

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