Ms. Crankypants is gone...at least for the next month!!!

Well...here I am MUCH better than earlier in the week. Glad I didn't post then because I was a ball of negative energy. I didn't want to spread that to you all...I know this is supposed to be a place where I can be me and be honest...but I know how negative energy is contagious and it wouldn't be fair to knock anyone else down in my misery!

With that being said there are a few changes going on for me.

1) I have decided to forgo the Half Marathon in May. I have not trained for it like I should have been...early on I did, but then as life happens I was running less and less...and my hip flexor has been acting up (the one I injured last year during prep) and after reading Tinamarie's blog over at Fit GreenGoddess and her experience with her half and her hip flexor it mad me think. Do I want to get injured and not be able to compete in fitness? I'm a little bummed but I think it's the best decision right now.

2) I'm taking training day by day because my hip flexor has been hurting after gymnastics and other "hard" workouts...so I have to find other cardio to do besides running because I think that's what's hurts it the most...but that also is what burns the most calories...running...I guess if I'm just meticulous with my diet any cardio will be good...

Well, I leave for Miami on Sunday! Can't believe how fast this year is FLYING BY. Kinda scary...I just told my mom today..."Can you believe I've been out of college for SIX YEARS!??!" I swear it feels like I JUST graduated. Time flies when you get older...remember when you were a kid and 5 minutes felt like a year! HAHA

OK better get my butt moving for work...have to see a potentially new client at 8:30.

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