The last few months in 200 words or less...

I'm mad at myself for not keeping up. The last few months of 2009 have been tough but 2010 has been nothing but GREAT so let's talk about the positive.

1) Got a full time job (yay for benefits! yay for a regular paycheck!)

2) About this close (holding thumb and pointer about 1 inch apart) from closing on our first house! SOOOOO STRESSFUL!

3) Entered the Bodysport.com 12 week transformation contest for fun.

4) Officially started my training for the half marathon! Running 3x per week.

5) Signed up for gymnastics again. Tumbling 1x per week.

6) Signed up for Yoga to help with strength and flexibility. Going 2-3x per week.

7) Currently training a few clients for the 2010 competition season! Looking forward to growing my team!

8) Updated my website!!! http://www.fitnessjenn.com/

9) Totally need to shout out Doneker at COMPLETE MOTIVATION. Months ago she sent me a shirt from her new clothing line and I am SO THANKFUL for it! I will post pictures of me in the shirt so you can see! For now PLEASE VISIT HER SITE: http://www.completemotivation.com/

10) I vow to be a better blogger! Here's to an awesome 2010!

Until Next Time!


Mary M said...

Whooo Hoooooooooooooooo MISS Jenn is back! GREAT post, GREAT toals!!!!!! I have missed YOU!

2010 is going to be a FABULOUS year!!!!

YOU are a SUPER STAR girlfriend!


Hanni said...

Welcome back Jenn!
Bring on a brilliant 2010 comp season : )